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Storyly enables you to create full-screen Stories in your own app. Integrating this lightweight SDK takes only 15 minutes.

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Unleash your creativity!

Storyly Studio is a great place to design and publish striking App Stories.

  • Get inspired by ready-made templates.
  • Build your own templates code free.
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directly in Storyly Studio
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Speed things up!

Automated stories facilitate efficiency in content creation.

Automatically turn your
and product feed into stories.
Import your
content into your app stories.
  • Customize your automated story templates.
  • Use Storyly API to create automatic stories without logging in to dashboard

Get your audience involved!

Interactive stickers skyrocket user engagement and maximize conversion.

  • Enable one-click buying with product tags, swipe-ups, and customizable CTA buttons.
  • Gather user insights with polls, quizzes, and emoji sliders.
  • Build up the hype with countdowns.

Foster loyalty!

Personalized stories let you meet varying expectations of individual users.

  • Utilize your own CRM or personalization platform to publish personalized stories.
  • Address your user segments with Storyly labels.
  • Customize communication according to your goals.

Measure with no hassle!

Storyly Dashboard enables you to interpret user behavior better.

  • Keep track of user interaction data exclusively with stories, giving you valuable customer insights while protecting user privacy.
  • Import Storyly metrics to any analytics tool for a comprehensive analysis.

Never Worry About The Performance

Storyly uses quality CDNs (Content Distribution Networks) for hosting your media and delivering your stories all over the world.

Fully Customize How Your Stories Look

Shape the design of stories to fit your app’s interface. Make them circle, rectangle or square with or without rounded corners.

Deliver unique stories on different pages

Embed stories anywhere you like. Create relevant content in your app’s various pages like homepage, categories and more.


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Storyly was a game changer from day one! ROI was clear for Domino’s from the first week. Starting from the moment the “App-Only Campaign” was announced with Storyly, Domino’s saw a huge increase in conversions.

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Higher conversion rate compared to banners
Increase in the activation of the wallet feature

Storyly is the new way to interact with our users. We use stories mostly to promote new or hidden features and to poll our users, but also to deliver relevant content about our brand.

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Interactive story response rate
Higher conversion rate compared to banners

Storyly is a perfect solution for the SSG marketers to tell compelling content to their users and guide them to the desired action through call-to-actions.

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Story engagement rate
Click through rate on sponsored stories