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A Sneak Peek at Storyly

An engagement tool to embed full-screen, interactive stories in your app and website!

Storyly empowers mobile marketing strategies of apps and websites, and enables them to engage with the audience beyond the limits of the screen, with the most catchy and addictive content format of the day, stories.

Build engaging and personalized communication with consumers through a blank canvas for rich, interactive, customized content sharing.

Numerous global brands are delighting their users with Storyly

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United Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Plus 500
Cien Real Estate
Focus Online
Sugar Cosmetics
Empik Go

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Customer Stories

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Storyly was a game changer from day one! ROI was clear for Domino’s from the first week. Starting from the moment the “App-Only Campaign” was announced with Storyly, Domino’s saw a huge increase in conversions.

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Click-through rate
Higher conversion rate compared to banners
Increase in the activation of the wallet feature

The addition of in-app stories to the JD.ID app brought substantial results from Day 1. Giveaway and Grocery Super Sale story rates achieved CTR’s of up to 53%, and the average video watch length rose 60%.

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Click-through rate
Avarage video watch length

Storyly provided the perfect solution to the challenges and brought splendid results. Modanisa embedded stories to the top of the homepage to capture the users’ attention at the utmost level and enhance the product discovery experience.

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Higher conversion in users who viewed stories
Incrase in session time
Decrease in bounce rate

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