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From post-Covid rebound to economic downturn: An overview of 2022

Explore digital marketing trends that shape the mobile app landscape.

Mobile app marketing predictions for 2023

Discover smart moves and creative strategies that will help you succeed during uncertain times.

Insights from key opinion leaders in the mobile ecosystem

Find out what experts in the mobile ecosystem have to say about the year ahead.

Creating captivating content for retail apps

Check out data-based, actionable insights to achieve your business goals.

About Storyly

Storyly is the user engagement platform to embed Stories - full-screen, interactive, and the most captivating content format of the day - in mobile apps and websites.

Storyly Stories empower marketing strategies of mobile brands with almost no coding and enable them to engage with their audience beyond the limits of the mobile screen.

Trusted by hundreds of top-tier brands across the world, Storyly Stories, by nature, provide mobile apps with an opportunity to communicate any message in a way that is catchy and interactive rather than intrusive.

Storyly’s 2023 forecast with expert comments is here!

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The missing piece to next-level mobile user engagement

Louis Le Bris

Lead Product Manager at Pumpkin App

“Storyly is the new way to interact with our users. We use stories mostly to promote new or hidden features and to poll our users, but also to deliver relevant content about our brand. And it works: most of the stories are seen by thousands, and right after, about 50% of the viewers go test the features mentioned!”

Agnieszka Zienkowicz

Product Manager at Empik Go

“Storyly is not only an interesting tool that extends the functions of our application, but also it provides excellent customer care. Storyly helped us significantly increase the retention in the application. It is also a great place to showcase new products and features.”

Tarlan T.

Digital Marketing Expert at Kapital Bank

“We needed a solution to increase the time our customers spend in the app and notify them regarding our new services in an engaging way. With interactive features and mobile-native experience, Storyly brought outstanding results on reach &engagement metrics, surpassing any other channel we use.”

Göker Kuzucu

Co-founder at ImeceMobil

“Storyly has given us an innovative channel to reach out to farmers, to provide them with accurate and valuable information, interact with them, get feedback and eventually build rapport. ”

Ali Conker

Head of Communications at Macroonline

“Storyly team took the time to understand the complexities of our business; they were hands-on during integration and they’re still a close strategic partner. More and more, we see that the actual brand connection and stickiness happens when we utilize the app space effectively with in-app stories by Storyly to amplify our brand’s story.”

Success stories

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A game-changing in-app channel on the first day and clear ROI in the first week… Using Stories to increase campaign conversions and enhance new feature activation, Domino’s creates a true success story.

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Click-through rate
Higher conversion rate compared to banners
Increase in the activation of the wallet feature

GenZ demands catchy and interactive experiences, even in a peer-to-peer money transaction app. So nothing is surprising about Pumpkin users’ love for Storyly Stories.

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Response rate on Stories with interactives
Increase in feature activation

There is no end to the messages you want to communicate if you have a news app. But how will you ensure that relevant content will find the right people? The answer for GZH of Grupo RBS is Storyly Stories!

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Story engagement rate
Click-through rate
Decrease in bounce rate

An engaging experience is key to success for any business, but it’s especially important for communications companies to excel at, well, communicating. For Swisscom app, the solution has been Storyly Stories.

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Users interested in Stories
Click-through rate
Decrease in bounce rate

Marketplaces always struggle to help customers explore a wealth of items and browse through reviews to shop confidently. Storyly Stories has been the perfect solution for JD.ID to guide their users from discovery to purchase.

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Video watch lenght
Click-through rate
Decrease in bounce rate