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May 17, 2022

Improvements on the Storyly dashboard: Syncing story groups between apps and using labels to exclude certain user groups

We've added some major improvements on the Storyly dashboard. You can now sync your content between different apps and websites. For example, if you have iOS and Android apps and you have the exact same story groups, you can set them to be synced whenever you add new content to any of those story groups. Just switch the toggle while you're importing a story group from a different app or website. Don't forget to revisit CTA URLs if you have different URL structures for iOS, Android and Website.

Storyly labels have been a key feature for targeting user groups. We've added the exclude function to the labelling feature so that you can use them to exlclude certain groups while targeting your users.

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We've added some major improvements on the Storyly dashboard that'll make your experience much smoother.