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May 22, 2023

Introducing Smart Sorting: Deep dive into user engagement on app and web!

We are very excited to announce the feature: Smart Sorting. With Smart Sorting, you can leverage the story order algorithm to prioritize specific Story groups, ensuring that users receive more relevant content. This, in turn, generates higher engagement rates of your Story groups  and faster conversions.

How does Smart Sorting work?

Smart sorting algorithm prioritizes Story groups based on users' Story view behavior. It analyzes which Story groups users engage with the most. When it reaches a threshold, the algorithm detects the most popular Stories and organizes them  in the most visible placement on the Story bar. 

Stroyly Smart Sorting feature will do this automatically so you don’t have  to rank your Story groups anymore. Algorithm does all the work for you, boosting engagement rates, improving efficiency, and providing tailored experiences. 😏

Our beta version has already seen a 15% increase in engagement ! 😎

Contact us today or check our blog post to learn more about it.

Latest news from us
May 22, 2023

SDK 2.1.0: Things that got just better!

Enhanced Interactivity: Boost engagement effortlessly by incorporating answers from specific question stickers into other stories. Seamlessly connect your content and keep your audience immersed in the narrative. Special Countdown Badge: Fuel anticipation for special occasions with the new countdown badge option for Story Groups. Generate excitement and make your stories even more compelling.

SDK Updates
May 22, 2023

SDK 2.1.0: Share The Result of Your Interactive Stickers!

We are delighted to introduce a dynamic and engaging update to our platform - the ability to display the results of your Polls, Quizzes, and Image Quizzes in captivating Stories! This exciting new feature empowers you to create more immersive experiences and strengthen connections with your audience like never before. Upgrade your SDK now.

SDK Updates
May 22, 2023

SDK 2.1.0: Bring Your Stories to Life with Animations!

We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature - Animations! Now, your stories can transcend the realm of static images and take on a dynamic life of their own.

SDK Updates