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September 20, 2022

SDK version 1.17.0 release: image CTAs and active user count

Every brand has its own look and feel and every app has its own design elements. This includes custom icons, buttons and other branded assets. That's why with this SDK release you can now add your own branded assets to your stories and turn them into CTAs by giving them URLs.

Also, with this release we've added the active user count on story group level. This enables you to view how many unique users have seen the story group on their screens. You can view this metric under the performance tab in the analytics section.

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Moments by Storyly turns individual users into creators via user-generated Stories and enables brands to build in-app communities

Moments by Storyly is the latest community engagement solution for mobile apps to empower and retain their communities by turning individual users into creators. It brings a unique and powerful social layer, enabling users to create and share full-screen Stories instantly in these apps. These user-generated Stories become a space where users express themselves, which builds up social interactions and strengthens ownership and the sense of belonging. 

Storyly Joins Braze Alloys Partner Programme

Customers can now combine rich user data with a new, full screen, engaging channel, Stories. With this integration, customers will be able to collect zero-party data through Storyly’s interactive features and build new audiences and deliver relevant messages to the right users at the right time, ensuring better user engagement.