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August 4, 2022

Stories are now accessible ✨

We are working hard to make Storyly Stories accessible for all. With the latest SDK update we’ve added new accessibility features like alt-text and voiceover for Stories enabling people with disabilities to get the most out of Storyly. Focusing on providing the best experience, we’ll continue to add new accessibility features in future updates. Here's what the new accessbility features include:

For story group navigation:
- Screen reader for story group order (e.g. 1st of 5 story group)
- Screen reader for story group title
- Screen reader for story group status (seen/unseen)
- Screen reader for pinned story group

For stories:
- Alt text reader for story context
- Screen reader for share and close buttons
- Screen reader for CTAs and their titles
- Next / Previous story buttons for navigation

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Stories are now accessible ✨