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November 28, 2022

Stories are now accessible ✨

We are working hard to make Storyly Stories accessible for all. With the latest SDK update we’ve added new accessibility features like alt-text and voiceover for Stories enabling people with disabilities to get the most out of Storyly. Focusing on providing the best experience, we’ll continue to add new accessibility features in future updates. Here's what the new accessbility features include:

For story group navigation:
- Screen reader for story group order (e.g. 1st of 5 story group)
- Screen reader for story group title
- Screen reader for story group status (seen/unseen)
- Screen reader for pinned story group

For stories:
- Alt text reader for story context
- Screen reader for share and close buttons
- Screen reader for CTAs and their titles
- Next / Previous story buttons for navigation

Latest news from us

React Native SDK 1.1.1: Check out our new monetization SDK for React Native!💰📱

If your app is on React Native and you were waiting for monetization we are excited to announce the wait is over! All you need to do is make sure this feature is available for you on the dashboard, and you can start to monetize your app and generate revenue by using Storyly Stories.

Now your users can share their personalized stories with the world!

We all know how personalized experience is important in the digital world and now, users will be able to share their personalized Stories with their friends and family simply with their circle! Save your personalized Story as an image and then share it anywhere you want!

Moments by Storyly turns individual users into creators via user-generated Stories and enables brands to build in-app communities

Moments by Storyly is the latest community engagement solution for mobile apps to empower and retain their communities by turning individual users into creators. It brings a unique and powerful social layer, enabling users to create and share full-screen Stories instantly in these apps. These user-generated Stories become a space where users express themselves, which builds up social interactions and strengthens ownership and the sense of belonging.