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May 22, 2023

Storyly Joins Braze Alloys Partner Programme

Customers can now combine rich user data with a new, full screen, engaging channel, Stories. With this integration, customers will be able to collect zero-party data through Storyly’s interactive features and build new audiences and deliver relevant messages to the right users at the right time, ensuring better user engagement.

Storyly, the user engagement platform that embeds full screen, interactive, and immersive Stories in mobile apps and websites, today announced that it has joined the Braze Alloys programme as an official technology partner. By joining Braze Alloys, Storyly becomes part of a curated ecosystem of best-in-breed technology and solutions partners to help integrate, customise, and amplify customer engagement capabilities. 

The program reimagines the Braze technology solution as a fully integratable customer engagement platform, creating a simple, scalable system for making it easier for Storyly customers to use Braze in concert with an ever-wider range of technologies and solutions to support meaningful brand experiences.

The program makes it easier for Storyly customers to leverage agencies, consultancies, and other partners in concert with Braze and its ecosystem of technology partners to provide users with highly personalized, highly effective brand experiences at scale.

Storyly is the user engagement platform to embed full-screen, interactive, most catchy, and captivating content format of the day, Stories in mobile apps and websites. Storyly Stories empower marketing strategies of mobile brands and enable them to engage with the audience beyond the limits of the mobile screen. As an omnichannel customer engagement platform, Braze integration will give customers the ability to connect audience segments identified and created in Braze, directly into Storyly, without the need for developer input. Storyly continues to support segmentation for targeted campaigns, but for those customers already using Braze, it will be even faster and easier to connect with specific audience needs and design unique touchpoints for their users. 

Braze customers will be able to engage and establish relationships with their own audiences based on their behaviours such as cart abandonment, last login date, an item marked as favourite, and many more, through the whole new channel of Storyly Stories. On top of that, through the interactive features of Storyly Stories, customers will get to collect zero-party data, create new segments on Braze accordingly and use them to interact with their users. 

By targeting with enhanced information, marketers can avoid inundating users with messaging they’ve already seen and responded to or expand the reach of their most successful campaigns and benefit from their efforts on a more accurate and granular level. 

Aykut Bal, Chief Product Officer of Storyly comments: “Despite the constantly shifting mobile retail landscape, one factor remains constant: Brand loyalty and audience engagement need to be built on a foundation of high-quality user experiences and ever-more valuable zero-party data for long-term success. 

“As part of our commitment to make it easy to connect with users at any stage of their brand journey, we’re excited to announce our new integration with Braze. Both Braze and Storyly are powerful, flexible platforms for understanding and connecting with mobile audiences, and combining their capabilities will help marketers execute their most engaging, captivating, and impactful campaigns. We’re excited to see the insights and results our customers receive from this integration and to develop our capabilities even more.” 

About Braze

Braze is a customer engagement platform empowering brands to forge human connections with customers through technology and data. Braze strongly believes in the power of partners and ecosystems, and understands that in order to effectively connect with customers today, a fully integratable customer engagement platform is critical. The Braze Alloys Partner Program was launched in 2018 in an effort to help customers augment and deploy relevant, memorable experiences built on the Braze customer engagement platform. The program has since grown to include more than 94 technology partners, enabling brands to carry out real-time customer experiences with a faster time-to-delivery, as well as 64 solutions partners to help customers conceptualize creative campaigns and integrate the Braze platform. 

To learn more about Braze Alloys, visit:

About Storyly

Created in 2020 by the founders of AppSamurai, one of the Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies, according to Financial Times and Inc, Storyly is a business-to-business SaaS (software as a service) platform focusing on user engagement in mobile apps and websites by bringing in the well-known, mobile-native, the most catchy and outstanding content format of the day, Stories, to them. Storyly Stories empower mobile marketing strategies and enables them to engage with their audience beyond the limits of the screen. Storyly is headquartered in San Francisco, USA with offices in San Francisco, Colorado, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Sao Paolo, Bogota, İstanbul, and Ankara, and offers services to over 300 brands in more than 40 countries. 

To learn more about Storyly, visit: 

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