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July 27, 2023

🤩 Streamline Your Shopping Experience with Cart Sync

We are excited to introduce cart sync to you! Cart Sync synchronise your Stories and the basket. With Cart Sync, users can instantly add products to their cart whenever they like it in a Story. Users can purchase the product that they see on a Story with the existing products in their basket. Upgrade your SDK TO 2.0, you’ll see the difference! 

To see how you can upgrade your Storyly SDK to 2.0 to check it out!

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May 22, 2023

SDK 2.1.0: Things that got just better!

Enhanced Interactivity: Boost engagement effortlessly by incorporating answers from specific question stickers into other stories. Seamlessly connect your content and keep your audience immersed in the narrative. Special Countdown Badge: Fuel anticipation for special occasions with the new countdown badge option for Story Groups. Generate excitement and make your stories even more compelling.

SDK Updates
May 22, 2023

SDK 2.1.0: Share The Result of Your Interactive Stickers!

We are delighted to introduce a dynamic and engaging update to our platform - the ability to display the results of your Polls, Quizzes, and Image Quizzes in captivating Stories! This exciting new feature empowers you to create more immersive experiences and strengthen connections with your audience like never before. Upgrade your SDK now.

SDK Updates
May 22, 2023

SDK 2.1.0: Bring Your Stories to Life with Animations!

We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature - Animations! Now, your stories can transcend the realm of static images and take on a dynamic life of their own.

SDK Updates