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2021: What a Year for App Stories…

Deniz Taşyürek
May 17, 2022

Stories, in mobile content form, were introduced by Snapchat in 2013. It was revolutionary, as they were designed to disappear in 24 hours. Other social media channels adopted such a game-changing approach, and Instagram made this function famous and widely used.

Mobile stories have come so far since then. Several apps developed their own stories for their own platforms. At the beginning of 2020, App Samurai launched Storyly as an innovative move. From that moment on, stories can be a reality in any mobile app without the necessity of in-house feature development.

Since the release of in-app stories by Storyly, we witnessed how quickly they got more advanced and widespread. Today, approaching the end of a year, we are happy to take a look back and ask: What happened with in-app stories in 2021?

June 2021 - Meet the Xbox app with stories


Image Source: Verge

Microsoft decided to develop stories for their Xbox app. They created another communication channel with the users with this move. Now, Xbox games can make their promotions, announcements, and updates to players through stories in the Xbox app.

June 2021 - Domino’s Turkey reinvented in-app marketing with Storyly

Domino’s, a global brand for pizza lovers, brought Stories to its Turkey-based app to improve user experience and increase app revenue. It has worked perfectly so far. Domino’s marketers utilized video stories to inform their users about the hygiene conditions and COVID-19 precautions, contributing to trust-building. Additionally, Domino’s published campaign stories and achieved a 64% higher conversion rate compared to banners. Thanks to in-app stories, the use of the wallet feature increased by 20%.

June 2021 - Spotify launched “Only You” stories


Image Source: Spotify Newsroom

Mobile users love personalized experiences and Spotify taps into this insight quite well. This year, for the first time, they had a campaign focusing on how Spotify users listen to music or podcasts. From birth chart to dream dinner party, Only You Stories curate a personal flow for each user.

July 2021 - New Look stories in the app with Storyly


UK-based fashion giant, New Look, was looking for new ways to communicate with their users. And they discovered Storyly as a simple solution to complex problems. They use in-app stories to onboard new users or promote new products or campaigns.

July 2021 - Twitter said goodbye to Fleets


Image Source: Twitter

In November 2020, Twitter introduced Fleets, the Twitter version of full-screen stories disappearing in 24 hours. The aim was to encourage users to take the core action, meaning tweeting. When they realized that Fleets are created and published by people who already participate in the conversation, they decided to look for other ways to incite a dialogue between users in the app.

August 2021 - TikTok started testing stories


Image Source: Digital Information World

Considering vertical mobile video format, TikTok has an unrivaled position in the industry. Stories disappearing in 24 hours have a different effect on users since they create a fear of missing out. This is the dream of every mobile app, for sure: To make users visit the app as often as possible so that they won’t miss what is going on there – and a whole new dimension to monetize… Not surprised that TikTok is going after stories!

September 2021 - LinkedIn suspended stories


Image Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn had introduced stories in 2020. They were convinced about the power of video content in such a professional platform. However, they observed that LinkedIn users wanted their stories to last more than 24 hours. Based on these learnings, LinkedIn announced that they would be working on a new form of video experience to explore this channel of communication further.

October 2021 - Decathlon India had a brand new look with in-app stories by Storyly

A sports products retailer across the world, Decathlon is a global brand for sports enthusiasts. Now, its India-based app continues to spread the passion for exercising with Storyly Stories. As an innovative way to deliver a delightful product discovery experience, app stories have helped Decathlon communicate with users since October.

December 2021 - The Spotify Wrapped time of the year again


Image Source: Spotify

Spotify has been utilizing user data to personalize the experience since 2016. In 2019, they started sharing these individualized yearly summaries in the form of stories. Since then, millions of users across the world have been waiting for these wrap-ups full of music and joy.

The success of Spotify Wrapped highlights the importance of two elements in mobile marketing: personalization and virality. The story format enables users to share their personally curated flow on social media with their friends and followers. Hence, Spotify does not only deliver a delightful experience to ensure user retention but also empowers word-of-mouth marketing.


Since mobile devices occupy a more significant place in modern people’s lives every day, the “mobile-first” phrase should mean more than designing and developing responsive materials and mobile products. In such a context, stories constitute the only UI element invented on mobile and for mobile. Hence, they definitely improve user engagement and retention.

With Storyly, you gain access to many features that make content production and distribution easier for marketers and their consumption all the more delightful for users and customers.

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