A Guide to Shoptalk 2022 Europe

Naz Kilic
June 6, 2022

Retailers and grocery brands need to make sure they stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in their industry. To enable this, a community of retail changemakers launched Shoptalk, with an earlier Shoptalk conference this year taking place in America and another to take place in Europe.

Here we’ll review what exactly the Shoptalk event is and what you can expect to see at Shoptalk 2022 Europe.

What Is Shoptalk?

Shoptalk is the largest community of retail innovators in the world. The event started in America in 2016. Since then, it’s become the largest retail innovation event and attracts international participants from all over the globe. This is why Shoptalk is starting Shoptalk Europe this year.

Shoptalk Europe will take place from June 6 to 8 in London, which will serve as the new home for the European version of Shoptalk, where innovators in the industry can gather and share their visions of the future. More than 2,500 attendees will appear throughout this event, including startups, established brands, large retailers, investors, tech companies, analysts, and media companies. Additionally, over 250 companies will appear to showcase the latest developments and trends that are transforming the industry in myriad ways.

Over 200 industry legends and up-and-coming stars in retail will also appear to give their advice on how to keep up with the industry.


What Happened at Shoptalk 2022 Las Vegas

The most recent Shoptalk conference in Las Vegas took place from March 27 to 30 in Mandalay Bay. The event covered the latest technologies, business models, and trends in retail, along with the transformation of what people want to purchase from retailers, including electronics, apparel, beauty products, and groceries.

Throughout this event, some of the specific topics covered include:

Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Top Digital Talent

As retail makes a progressive shift toward a more digitally reliant environment, it’s become increasingly difficult to acquire digital talent for retailers. This particular session detailed how these businesses could locate and secure the best digital talent available. It also covered how retailers could leverage their existing talent and help them adopt new technologies.

Empowering Tomorrow's Women Leaders

While more women today lead Fortune 500 companies than ever before, women are still the minority. This particular session addressed this issue and revealed the myriad ways in which retail executives are working to empower the women leaders of the future.

Succeeding at Recommerce and Other Modern Business Models

Retailers, grocery businesses, and others have needed to adapt to changing consumer needs, leading to the increased demand for recommerce, subscriptions, and other types of business models. Industry leaders in this session talked about the various types of innovations in tech and the processes they use to put these business models in place. Additionally, they discussed the challenges and successes they’ve experienced along the way, which could give smaller businesses a good idea of what to expect.

These were merely a few of the long list of sessions covering nearly every topic imaginable in this ever-changing industry.

Shoptalk Europe 2022

The next Shoptalk event will be Shoptalk London, with the event to take place from June 6 to 8 at Excel London in England. At this event, over 2,500 attendees will appear to learn and share their knowledge and expertise in retail. In addition, this event will feature Groceryshop, which functions as the leading event for the grocery and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries.

At Shoptalk Europe 2022, some of the key themes will include:

The Transformation of Physical Retail

While physical retail stores aren’t going anywhere, there are certain innovations that will help connect the in-store shopping experience with its online counterpart. New technologies and convenience will pave the way for the future of physical retail, making this a hot topic at Shoptalk Europe.

Groundbreaking Digital Experiences

The world of eCommerce is continually evolving, making it important for retailers and grocery stores to do what they can to keep up. This theme will go over the latest developments in the digital retail experience and help show businesses how they can develop their own.

The Post-Pandemic Shopping Experience

With the spread of COVID-19, the world of retail as a whole experienced a dramatic change. Although retail had already been moving online, international lockdowns and social distancing guidelines made physical retail temporarily obsolete. This eventually led to permanent changes to the post-pandemic shopping experience, as people have grown more accustomed to buying online. Industry leaders discussing this theme will reveal how the industry has changed and what businesses can do to excel in a post-pandemic environment.

The Changing Consumer

Over the years, the wants and needs of consumers have changed, particularly with the growth of technology and the convenience of buying online. This theme will explore how consumer behaviors and desires have changed and what changes retailers and grocery businesses can expect in the future.

One of the ways retailers will be able to meet the needs of online consumers is app and web stories, which Storyly enables businesses to easily create and customize. Using Storyly stories, you can use a combination of effective visuals and messaging to build and maintain relationships with consumers in your app or on your website. These stories can consist of personalized product recommendations, greetings, interactive polls and surveys, abandoned cart reminders, and other content to drive engagement and keep your customers happy.

Redefining Convenience in the New Grocery Landscape

Customers in the grocery industry have begun to reconsider how they spend their time based on what they want to accomplish with it. As such, grocery businesses need to provide optimal convenience to customers by allowing for a hybrid of in-store and online grocery shopping. Experts during this session will go over the ways grocery companies can streamline the discovery and buying process for customers.

Working Cross-Functionally to Create a Cohesive Shopping Experience

Smart brands and retailers need to develop an omnichannel shopping experience for customers that helps them along the buyer’s journey. Throughout this specific session, several top-level executives will discuss what they’re doing to share data across their organizations, restructure their teams, and keep their eCommerce and marketing consistently aligned to form a cohesive omnichannel experience.

Optimal Brand Strategies for Selling on Global Marketplaces

A growing number of brands are attempting to reach international customers via online marketplaces. These marketplaces offer brands the opportunity to do much more than merely sell products, enabling them to test new products, offload excess inventory, or use them as platforms for tie-ins. In this session, executives will cover the various tactics and strategies that they’ve found to yield the best results when it comes to selling globally.

Adapting Brands and Messaging for Gen Z

Many brands are looking to connect with younger generations of shoppers, including Generation Z. This particular generation is considerably more digitally savvy than previous generations, and it’s also highly diverse and educated. In an effort to market to this generation, brands have worked to cater their shopping experiences and marketing to Gen Z’s specific needs and wants. Executives in this session will reveal what this generation is looking for from leading brands and give brands some ideas for how to appeal to Zoomers.

Changing Grocery and FMCG Relationships

There’s an ever-changing relationship between grocery retailers and FMCGs, with grocery retailers focusing more on developing private-label brands while branded manufacturers focus more on eCommerce and connecting directly with consumers. Additionally, the effects of the pandemic further influenced the relationship between grocery businesses and FMCG brands by presenting certain challenges around supply chain disruptions, shopper demands, product availability, and others. Industry leaders will use this session to review these specific changes and how grocery brands and FMCGs can collaborate more effectively in these turbulent times.

Fulfillment and Delivery Technologies

The technology involved in fulfillment and delivery is constantly changing and evolving. Hear from multiple company leaders who are innovating in their industry with automation, robotics, and other state-of-the-art technologies. You’ll be able to see how this technology works and listen to a group discussion about how brands are working to maximize the efficacy of their fulfillment and delivery operations.

These are simply some of the many themes that keynote speakers and others will address during Shoptalk Europe 2022. Some of the other general themes and topics covered will include:

  • The New Retail Organization
  • The Future of Grocery & FMCG
  • Fulfillment, Pickup & Delivery
  • Global Retail Experiences & Innovations
  • Groundbreaking Marketing Strategies & Tactics
  • The Future of Brands
  • Personalization & Evolving Customer Relationships
  • Using Data Effectively
  • Evolving Brand-Retailer Relationships
  • Emerging Retail Technologies
  • Culture & Leadership
  • The Role of Purpose in Business
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Innovative Approaches to Sustainability in Retail

Attend Shoptalk Europe 2022 to Stay Ahead of the Competition

As you can see, Shoptalk has plenty to offer this year. If you want to get and remain ahead of competitors in the retail and grocery industries, it pays to attend this event. Whether you plan on attending Shoptalk Europe or another Shoptalk conference online this year, you’ll be able to learn everything there is to know about these industries and how to grow your business. Of course, for those who are unable to make it to any form of Shoptalk this year, the event will continue well into the future as the world of retail continues to change and evolve.

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