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How Storyly Looks in My App?


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How Storyly Looks in My App?

As Instagram Stories are visited by more than 500 million users every day, there is an increasing trend of in-app stories. More apps like Twitter’s stories, Pinterest’s Story Pins, etc., are adding stories to their platforms.

In-app stories can be used for various promotional or advertising purposes on your mobile app. As an app owner, you can increase app interaction and retention rate. However, you wonder how Storyly will look in your app? Here is how to try Storyly in your app and how it will look like.

“How Storyly Looks in My App” Page

Using this simple tool, “how Storyly looks in my app” page visitors can use preset Storyly bars to preview Storyly in their apps. They can easily upload a screenshot from the app (the page wherever they think Storyly is the best fit), drag & drop Storyly wherever they like, and customize its appearance. Hop on for a quick sneak peek of how Storyly makes your app beautiful than ever.

The customization of the Storyly bar includes story ring shapes (can be circle, square, landscape or portrait rectangular), the ring colors (can set multi-colors for the seen and unseen stories, the multi-color option is for elegant gradient effects), change the background, pinned icon and text colors. Moreover, depending on their preferences for the app, they can adjust the size of the story rings. Users can either replace some components on the app with Storyly, or a simple crop and fit option would make the Storyly bar sit in between components.

Why It Is Important to Try Out Stories

Deciding to change an app’s appearance is difficult. There are many things to explore before anyone responsible can say, “Let’s do it!“. While Storyly creates great opportunities for app owners or marketers to showcase their content, boost their revenue with high-profit direct deals, keep the users in the app and convert them to paying customers, it is not always so straightforward to visualize how Storyly changes the look of their apps.

Via this quick preview tool, anyone interested in having Stories in their app can try it out before having to make such a drastic change. They can export the final result to show their managers and other decision-maker parties how Storyly brings a beautiful touch to their app.

How Storyly Preview Works

Users of the page first upload a screenshot from their mobile application, then they can customize the Storyly bar and drag & drop to place it anywhere in the screenshot of the app.

Finally, when they are satisfied with the result, they can export the image as a png file.

We have answered the question of how to try Storyly and how stories look in your app. You can increase app engagement with interactive stories with Storyly, like many other app owners use stories on their apps. Ever wondered how stories would look in your app? You can try it now! Hop on for a quick sneak peak of how Storyly will look on your app.


Berkem Peker

Berkem is master of none, jack of all trades. Happens to be a Growth Strategist at Storyly. Knows/writes about growth frameworks and user behavior.

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