Introducing Moments by Storyly: A whole new way to empower your users as creators

Introducing Moments by Storyly: A whole new way to empower your users as creators

Providing a great user experience is key to success for any app, but building strong relationships with individual users is just the beginning of engagement potential. Cultivating user-to-user connections within your app can help elevate your base from a collection of individuals to a deeply invested social community, one that will naturally increase retention, boost engagement, and help your app reach its stickiness potential. 

Storyly is thrilled to announce an all-new platform for empowering and exhilarating your audience: Moments. 

Moments by Storyly is an easily integrated community engagement solution that allows your app users to become creators and interact with your app like never before through the power of Stories. Rather than relying on imported material and content from outside social media apps, Moments by Storyly empowers users to create Stories directly in your app and publish them instantly, which is more than great news for your engagement metrics– it’s a whole new social element for building community. 

Transforming a User Base into a Community

This image shows how users can create content through Moments by Storyly

As social creatures, we’re hardwired for connection. It’s one of the reasons social media is so naturally sticky, but it’s also why customer reviews play such a key role in purchasing decisions, and how trends become viral. When we look at the current mobile landscape, it’s clear that connection opportunity is key to app success, so it’s no wonder that vertical communities are among the fastest-growing categories for the stickiest, most popular apps.

The magic of Moments by Storyly is that it allows app owners to add a social element to any app and empowers their users to share and interact. By integrating Moments, you can give your users an opportunity to better express themselves, publish Stories about what matters most to them, and connect with fellow users in a way that feels effortless and genuine. The best part is that all happens in your app.

How Does Moments Work?

This diagram shows how Moments by Storyly works

Moments works by giving your audience the capability to create and share Stories, the leading mobile content format, directly in your app, adding a whole new dimension for peer-to-peer interaction. Both familiar and fresh, Stories are mobile-native, full-screen, and immersive– perfect for in-app communications, especially as video becomes more and more popular. 

Once users connect their camera and gallery, they can start using their own content to create and publish Stories (all without leaving your app!) It’s quick, easy, and intuitive for your audience to start enjoying a whole new dimension of interaction. Users can like and react to each other's Stories, building community, camaraderie, and connections. 

Since digital communities require moderation, we’ve built-in Amazon Rekognition services for top-of-field flagging of inappropriate or harmful content. Moments by Storyly also features audience reporting capabilities, and moderators can use the dashboard to review, remove or keep the content that is either reported by users or flagged by Rekognition helping you curate a supportive, beneficial community that is safe for your audience.

Moments by Storyly in Action

This image shows example Stories that users share via Moments by Storyly

Let’s take a look at some of the ways we've imagined Moments in action within different types of apps that are a natural fit for adding a unique social layer. 

Create Supportive Communities in Fitness and Wellness Apps

Any wellness goal is easier to achieve when you’re not alone in it, which is part of the reason that so many mobile users download apps to serve as digital sidekicks on their quests. From running to yoga, strength training, meditation, or nutrition, those seeking to improve their health are readymade communities in waiting. 

With Story creation capabilities, audiences can share everything from meal photos to workout stats through an easy-to-use interface. When users share their goals, challenges, and accomplishments, they’re more likely to achieve success, and they’ll have plenty of reasons to keep returning to your app and the valuable network they have there. 

Give Community Sellers the Best Tools for Success

Customer-to-customer (C2C) sectors are an ever-expanding portion of mobile economy. For C2C marketplace apps like Etsy, eBay, and ThredUp, user success equals brand success, so it’s crucial to give sellers the best toolkit possible for driving conversion. 

With Moments by Storyly, sellers can benefit from Story capabilities by creating engaging content that helps prospective customers understand their products, imagine them into their lifestyle, and feel confident in their decisions. 

Letting Users Share their Hobbies and Interests

Niche-based communities love apps that appeal specifically to their passions, and the ability to connect to others who share those interests is a surefire way to deepen their engagement. No matter the focus of the app, enabling a social communication layer with Moments by Storyly will facilitate community enrichment in a whole new way, increasing the value that users get from the app, boosting retention, and deepening loyalty. (And don’t forget, content creation from users means a lighter burden for your creative team too!)

Just a few examples for the use Moments by Storyly for vertical communities:

  • Culinary apps where home cooks can show off their creations
  • Beauty apps where makeup lovers can share looks, tips, and reviews
  • Travel apps where users can share trip highlights and reviews
  • Art and crafting apps where makers can showcase work and techniques
  • Fishing community apps where sports folks can share their catches

It’s Time to Seize the Moment

At Storyly, we’ve seen hundreds of top-tier companies boost their engagement, retention, and conversion by integrating Stories into their app so we know the impact that dimensional, mobile-native content can have. With so many apps focused on connection, self-expression, and creation, it only makes sense to give users the same capabilities to help them get the most out of their mobile apps. 

Ready to give your audience the toolkit they’ve been waiting for? Book a call today. 


Dilayda Soylu

Product Marketing Manager at Storyly, covering launches, managing products and always excited about new tech solutions. Knows/ writes about customer insights and new features. A hopeless dreamer, loves zen thinking and being in nature at the first opportunity.

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