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Social Communities Get More Social During the Coronavirus Pandemic

June 6, 2022

Social and interactive media have been crucial for our social interactions and business lives for a long time. But when Coronavirus Pandemic almost banned personal connections, these social media platforms were the only option for staying connected and informed in this period. As a result, app engagement has grown immensely, and interaction rates go up via content such as interactive stories.

In this article, we will share how social communities get more social during the coronavirus pandemic and also how Storyly affects it via creating a social community atmosphere and conveying interactive stories to apps.

Trending Social Platforms

According to Statista, more than 60% of US Social Users expect their YouTube and Facebook usage to increase during COVID-19. The global coronavirus impacts customer behavior forcefully. If we study the, We Are Social 2021 overview; we can see that social media platforms and apps are in a new standard. Social groups also have a higher social impact.

  • Active social media users grew by roughly +13.2% after the outbreak.
  • The annual change in the number of global social media users is up 490 million.
  • The number of users of social media is now more than 53% of the world’s population.
  • The monthly daily users of Facebook are up by +12%
  • Instagram’s advertising range grew by +5.4%.
  • Twitter’s advertising reach is up by +0.1% (+387 thousand)
  • Snapchat’s reach grew by +15%. LinkedIn advertisements can reach 727.6.
  • Pinterest’s potential audience reach is now 200.8 million.
  • In the first quarter of 2020, TikTok has managed to get 2 billion downloads and 315 million installs just in one-quarter.

In addition to the given data, social and interactive communities are growing. Staying connected and informed is very important for users. Therefore, app engagement and interaction potentials are high with effective strategies. If you want to learn more about app and user engagement tips, you can read “10 Best Story Ideas to Engage and Impress Your Audience“.

Staying Connected During the Pandemic

In COVID-19, it was necessary to establish links between social media and the local communities. For anyone who wants to keep in contact with close friends during COVID-19, social media is crucial. Social media have made people feel less isolated since the epidemic began. And with social media, people feel less depressed. Storyly is a strong actor for bringing interactive stories to apps to help user engagement grow on mobile apps. Therefore, we get social communities connected and help to develop these social community connections.

Staying Informed During the Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic period, due to suspicious news, claims in traditional media, and data are given to the public without being confirmed, widely known false epidemic information took place in the media and caused an information epidemic. It is a proven fact with the data that social communities stay in interaction by uniting and supporting each other during this challenging pandemic process. It will always be in their best interest for mobile applications to take advantage of this challenging period. It isn’t easy to keep the barely acquired users engaged with traditional methods. For this reason, Storyly allows you to provide your mobile application users interactive stories aiming them to interact with you. With Storyly’s creation of a social community atmosphere, we respond to your question of “how

to increase app engagement” with meaningful and interactive stories in the most innovative way. Contact us for more detail.

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