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Storyly 2.0 | The More Interactivity, The More App Engagement | 

Kaan Uyanık
September 27, 2022

As you know, Storyly enables you to bring the story feature to your mobile apps. Maximize in-app engagement with a familiar experience, visualize your content to build interest, and track conversions from one simple dashboard.

Now, we are very proud of introducing Storyly 2.0 to you! At 2.0 version, user engagement is still Storyly’s top priority; when you engage users, you can easily make them come back to your app. So, what is new? What are the hot features of Storyly? Let’s start!

Here Is Storyly 2.0


With Storyly 2.0, we aim to combine two influential concepts for an engaging mobile experience: Interaction + Content. In a world where rich, immersive, and vertical content is very significant in mobile, our purpose is to support our customers to deliver their “mobile-first content” inside their app with a familiar experience for their users.

Therefore, Storyly 2.0 allows our users to add interactive components to any content, whether it is an image or video, short-form or long-form, and publish it inside their app. Moreover, we developed new ways to simplify the content creation process as RSS feeds, Instagram stories auto-sync, and the Storyly App.

Storyly 2.0, now a powerful interactive and mobile-native content builder, empowers our customers to create immersive and engaging experiences for their users inside their app.


Feature #1 – New interactions: Customers can now improve their communication with their users with new types of interactions like a poll, multiple-choice questions, countdown, and emoji slider.

  • Poll & Multiple Choice Question: These are components to receive feedback from users for things like promotions, future features to make the end-user feel like they are part of the app and more community-driven. MCQ can have an optional correct answer if the app owner wants it to be like a quiz.
  • Countdown: It is a timer that the app owner can set and publish inside a story to hype the promotion and set an expectation. The app owner can add a reminder to the countdown allowing the end-user to tap to the reminder to receive a push notification when the time is up.
  • Emoji slider: The more fun way to receive feedback from the end-user. The app owner can set the emoji and ask the end-users’ to rate their opinion for many things.

Feature #2 – Streaming long-form recorded videos: App owners now can upload their recorded long-form videos on the dashboard and publish inside their app. There is a new story UI design and interactions for the viewing experience of the end-user. The end-user will know that it is a different kind of content than generic stories. This will allow our customers to stream their recorded videos and give them a content management system to organize and manage their video content.

Feature #3 – Interactive Videos: Customers can now make their videos mentioned above interactive, placing different interactions at the various sections of the video on Storyly Studio. For example, suppose an influencer introduces multiple products on the video. In that case, our customer can add multiple CTAs on the video’s timeline, directing the end-user to relevant places in- or outside of the app, or add different polls for each product to understand their opinion.

Feature #4 – More Powerful Storyly Studio: Now, our customers create their stories inside the Studio. So, Storyly Studio is now more powerful and easy to use. All interactions are available except open-ended questions (in other words, “ask me anything”). There are also new features like duplicating a story and background color.

Feature #5 – Automated Story Generation: We now give our customers the possibility to create their stories in an automated way. It simplifies their content creation process for stories. There are two features of this purpose:

  • RSS Feeds: Our customers can use their content in an automated and mobile-first way. They can pick preset story templates to feed them with RSS Feeds. As typical RSS Feed includes URLs of contents, stories will be directed to the page of that content.
  • Auto-sync Instagram Stories: Our users can create story groups of which stories are automatically created through auto-sync with their Instagram live stories (not highlights). They can also filter Instagram stories based on their CTA URLs. It allows them to pull specific stories with specific CTA URLs and not all Instagram stories.

Feature #6 – Story labeling: Over the past months, we saw that our customers use story labeling to show their stories to their user segments. Instead of demographic segments like men, women, wealthy, etc. our customers mostly used it as event-based (behavioral) segments.  

So story labeling allows our customers to show their content based on their various user segments, including event-based, time-based, or demographic. We support our customers to personalize their every content (including interactive videos) for their user’s journey and activity.

Feature #7 – Social Sharing: With shareable stories, our users can now make stories inside their app shareable for their users. Stories can be shared on platforms like Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram, and Linkedin and copy the link to share on wherever they want (see more).

In brief, Storyly 2.0 is more flexible to be entirely managed by customers inside our powerful Studio, and much more interactive to increase user’s app engagement even better. It has CRM integration opportunities for marketers, as well. Start increasing your user’s app engagement and retention, thanks to Storyly.

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