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Strategies to Encourage Users to Download Your Mobile App

June 6, 2022

Developing a mobile app can be an exciting endeavor until it comes to marketing the app. This is where many mobile app developers are stuck. They build amazing apps with great features, but after launch, the mobile app sits on the slabs of popular app stores without a single download.

The problem is that there are millions of apps out there seeking the users’ attention. For the problem your app solves, there may be about ten apps similar to yours.

So, while it is ideal to sacrifice time and energy in creating your app to be attractive and unique, you should always think of strategies to get users to download your mobile app.

So, in this article, we’ll show you strategies to not only drive users to download your app but also boost the in-app engagement of your apps to retain your users.

Let’s dive right into it! Here are strategies you should employ to encourage users to download your mobile app.

#1. Reward Your Users

Everybody loves to be appreciated. Your users have downloaded your app and are using it already. It’s your turn to appreciate them. That’s where the reward comes in. You can get a reward system running to encourage users to download your app or to retain in-app engagement of your app.

Placing incentives for users to download your mobile app could serve as a competitive edge for you. For example, if the service apps in your category provide are not free, offering a generous discount when users download the app and sign in for the first time could be the move that takes your app viral.

Most reward systems are usually geared towards in-app engagement and customer loyalty. These reward systems are implemented through points, discounts, tiers (that different offer rewards based on a user’s tier), paid loyalty programs, hitting spending targets, and recommendations to friends.

#2. Use Cutting-Edge Technologies

Some of the fanciest technological advancements in our world today are virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), cloud computing, and real-time video calling. Depending on the solution your mobile app provides, if your app doesn’t incorporate some of these innovations, you’re missing out.

If your brand is innovative in its technology, you will stand out from your competitors and win users who would be loyal to your brand. However, it takes so much to implement a marketing strategy for your app that inculcates modern technology.

This is because using cutting-edge technology for your mobile app entails that your app is crash-free, you’re exploring your brand’s unique selling point, you’re working with the right development team, and you’re constantly exploring technology options.

For example, L’Oreal acquired Modiface, an AR beauty app company, to save their customers the cost of trying new products they may not eventually like. To this effect, they launched the Style My Hair app powered by AR to enable users to try on different hairstyles before making their pick.

#3. Personalize Your Application

Personalization for mobile apps is the way, the truth, and the future! Evidence abounds to show that users are concerned about it and that it impacts growth. According to a survey by Forbes and Arm Treasure Data, 40 percent of 200 marketing leaders agreed that personalization impacts the growth of sales.

You want to key in on personalization to get users to download your mobile app as well as to increase the in-app engagement of your app. To implement this, you want to first know who your target audience is and what gets them ticking.

Next, you want to select a personalization option that suits your mobile app and not just any personalization option out there.

Finally, you’ll have to protect the data of your users. You need to convince them that you wouldn’t share their private data even though their concerns can hinder the implementation of personalization.

You have to understand that amidst their concerns regarding sharing their data, they would be willing to share personalized information with you so long as it would enhance their experience in the app.

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