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Top 20 C-Level Mobile Leaders To Follow

June 6, 2022

By following the mobile leaders on Twitter and Linkedin, you can have heard about industrial news, resources, events, tutorials. Besides, you may have a chance to engage with mobile leaders. We have compiled the top 20 C-Level mobile leaders to follow on Twitter and Linkedin.

Here is the list of the top 20 C-Level mobile leaders to follow.

1) Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is an American technology entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter. Also, he is the founder and CEO of Square, which is a mobile financial payments company. He is listed as one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35, according to MIT Technology Review Magazine.

2) Young Sohn

He is the corporate president and chief strategy officer at Samsung. Young Sohn is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He is passionate about building businesses and excited about emerging technologies that have a positive impact on transforming lives. He served as CEO of two successful Silicon Valley public companies and on boards of Arm, Cadence, Cymer (ASML), and others. Sohn is an investor in innovative companies, such as Berkeley Lights, Fungible, Zoom Video, and TTTech.

3) Ren Zhengfei

Ren Zhengfei is VP of Huawei Group Chief Supply Chain Officer Office. Zhengfei was Group Vice President in the telecommunications industry. He is a strong operation professional with an MBA focused on the College of Business from Colorado State University.

4) Lei Jun

Lei Jun is a Chinese entrepreneur and investor. He has co-founded Xiaomi, one of the largest smartphone and consumer electronics companies in the world that in June 2018 raised US$4.72 billion. He was named an honorary professor at Wuhan University, where there is also a scholarship in his name.

5) Emre Fadıllıoğlu

Emre Fadıllıoğlu is the co-founder and CEO of App Samurai, Storyly, and Interceptd. He graduated from METU Business Administration department in 2004. He had worked for PWC, Oracle, and some other companies. His first start-up is Netvent, which is still active and operates as a digital marketing agency in Turkey. After his first start-up experience, Fadıllıoğlu founded App Samurai in 2016. App Samurai were listed as Europe’s Best 100 Hottest Start-ups in 2018.

6) Will Kassoy

Will Kassoy is the CEO of Adcolony. As a CEO of Adcolony, he has built the company from pre-revenue to an exit to Opera Software for $350 million in 3.5 years. AdColony was recognized on Inc 500’s list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America in 2 back to back years, 2013 and 2014.

7) Adam Foroughi

Foroughi is the CEO and co-founder of Applovin, a technology platform with integrated solutions for developers to grow their businesses in one place. Since 2012, it has helped mobile games grow around the world. Thus, a rich mobile gaming ecosystem and higher quality games for people have been provided since 2012.

8) Tomer Bar Zeev

Tomer Bar Zeev, co-founder and CEO at ironSource. By overseeing the growth of the company, he is determined to make ironSource a truly global company, lead its international growth, and open offices on five continents. Bar Zeev, was named one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs.

9) Christian Schmalzl

Christian Schmalzl is Co-Chief Executive Officer / Member-Mgmt Board at Stroeer mobile performance. Stroeer SE & Co. provides out-of-home media solutions. The company offers branding, digital publishing, marketing, advertising, and other related services. Stroeer operates in Germany.

Christian Henschel

Christian is the CEO and co-founder of Adjust, which he is involved in all aspects of business oversight and development apart from the technical side. Henschel has been involved in the digital area for major media companies for over 12 years. Before founding Adjust, he worked for several years in the management team of m-advertise and headed up the digital revenues department at MTV Networks.

Alex Austin

Alex Austin, co-founder and CEO of Branch Metrics. Branch Metrics was founded in 2014 with his partners. It provides development tools and kit/app programs for mobile app companies and marketers to gain and retain users.

12) David Heuer

He is the Co-Founder, CEO, and COO of ayeT-Studios in 2015. With ayeT Studio, they create the offerwall network that helps both publishers and advertisers achieve their goals. So they can monetize their audience using SDKs or APIs. Heuer has previously worked in many crucial mobile marketing platforms. He is an expert in mobile marketing.

13) Alicja Borucinska

Alicja Borucinska is the Co-Founder & CEO of Nutzz Media. Currently CEO at Users Digital Users Digital is a modern marketing agency specializing in recruiting personalized users for online services and to deliver performance-oriented results.

14) Ziv Elul

Ziv Elul founded Inneractive in 2007. He is also the CEO of the company. He has 15 years of industry and management experience. Ziv deals with the local high-tech and start-up ecosystem, advises young entrepreneurs. Also, he is a CEO at Fyber. Fyber is an advertising technology company. It allows app developers and digital publishers to optimize ads.

Elad Natanson

Natanson, CEO and founder of Appnext. He is an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience. Appnext sets the strategic direction. It provides the experience of developing advertising promotions and making money. He founded and managed many technology companies such as Elad, Prime Gaming,, Appnext, Active Labs, Whoislive.

16) Bill Stone

Stone, CEO at Digital Turbine. Bill became CEO of Mandalay Digital Group in 2014. Before becoming CEO of Mandalay Digital Group, he was the CEO of Digital Turbine Group, Inc for two years.

17) Perry Lyndon-James

James, Head of Product & Marketing – Founder of WINR. Media technology company WINR supports the AdGate platform, which is a paywall for advertisers while providing revenue streams to digital publishers.

18) Brian Fox

Fox, CEO at Adaction. AdAction serves to increase sales and app downloads. He is an expert in Mobile App Marketing, SEO, Digital Strategy, CRM. AdAction Interactive partners in order to create performance marketing campaigns.

19) Jeff Drobick

Jeff Drobick, CEO at Tapjoy. Tapjoy helps mobile publishers monetize their apps. He has ten years of experience in mobile devices. Advertisers reach approximately 1 Billion monthly active users.

Robi Ganguly

Ganguly is the CEO & Co-Founder at Apptentive. Apptentive helps companies large and small to develop deep and meaningful relationships with customers.

We have compiled for you mobile leaders who are C-level on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can follow them, and learn a lot of things about the mobile world.

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