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Top 50 Developer Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Bilge Boz
May 17, 2022

We’ve gathered together an amazing list for you! As you know, the social media channels, especially Twitter and LinkedIn, are quite rich in terms of opportunities for staying up to date with the latest business news & developments. Developers share industrial news, resources, webinars, events, tutorials, and, of course, their own projects regularly on Twitter.

Besides, you can get the updates; if you follow them, you will have a chance to engage with them as well. Do you wonder about the developer’s lives, daily business routines, or interests? You’ll have a head start on them thanks to this list. Check it out!

1- TimOfLegend

Timothy John Schafer is a computer game designer who founded Double Fine Productions. He is best known as a designer in the video game industry with his storytelling and comedic writing style.

2- John Carmack

John D. Carmack is a computer programmer, video game developer, and engineer. He co-founded the video game company id Software and was the lead programmer of its games Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, and their sequels.

3- Jeff Atwood

Jeff Atwood is a software developer, author, blogger, and entrepreneur. He writes the computer programming blog Coding Horror. He co-founded the computer programming question-and-answer website Stack Overflow and co-founded Stack Exchange.

4- Kaplan

He describes himself as looking for games at Coffee Stain (an independent developer & publisher). Previously he was the production director for Minecraft.

5- Tim Sweeney

Timothy Dean Sweeney is a video game programmer known as the founder and CEO of Epic Games and the Unreal Engine creator, a game development platform.

6- Edmund McMillen

Edmund Charles McMillen is a video game designer and artist known for his Flash game visual style. His most notable works include 2010’s side-scroller Super Meat Boy and 2011’s roguelike game The Binding of Isaac and its remake.


They are a friendly and supportive mobile developers community who love to learn and share their knowledge with the world!

8- Dan Marshall

He is a BAFTA-winning indie developer who founded Size Five Games (formerly Zombie Cow Studios).

9- Nick Craver

He is the Architecture Lead for Stack Exchange. As a software developer, he maintains some open source projects like Opserver, StackExchange, Exceptional, MiniProfiler, StackExchange.Redis, Dapper.

10- Andy Matuschak

He is a software engineer, designer, and researcher working on technologies. Previously, he helped build iOS at Apple and led R&D at Khan Academy.

11- Rami Ismail

Rami Ismail is an independent video game developer and spokesperson within the video game industry on diversity and reaching out to game developers from developing countries.

12- Reto Meier

He is an experienced Android developer, tech advocate, and author of the Professional Android Application Development series.

13- Cyril Mottier

He describes himself as a mobile product “devsigner” because of being both a designer and a developer. He is also a UX/UI engineer, expert on the Android platforms.

14- Nick Butcher

Nick Butcher is an Android designer & developer who helps other designers and developers to understand and create beautiful material design apps.

15- Dion Almaer

Dion Almaer is the Director of the Web Developer Ecosystem at Google working on tools, services, and libraries to make it easier for developers to build successful products.

16- Ben Porter

Ben Porter writes code and makes games. Some of his projects are presented here.

17- Owen Jones

He is the Director of comms at Mojang Studios, working on Minecraft.

18- Tyler Glaiel

He is a Game Developer (programming + design) who did Closure, The Basement Collection, Bombernauts, The End is Nigh, and many old flash games.

19- Sean Young

Sean Young is a one-man dev team who does programming, art, and design; Fluent in C#, Javascript, Unity, Photoshop, and experienced with launching games on Steam/ Humblestore/ Appstore/ Playstore.

20- Terror Cabinet

21- Andy Sum

Andy is a programmer and game developer who made Crossy Road.

22- Daniel Albu

Daniel Albu is a freelance interactive developer specialized in iOS, Android & HTML5 as well as Flash development with more than 17 years of experience in the development, production, and deployment of websites, games, and apps.

23- Jason Kneen

Jason Kneen is a UK based Freelance App Developer and mobile consultant, building cross-platform Native Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

24- Ben Sandofsky

Ben Sandofsky is an iOS developer behind popular camera app Halide, has taken a deep look at the newly-released 2020 iPhone SE’s single-camera setup.

25- Erik Torenberg

He describes himself as a community builder, company founder, and startup investor who likes to be the first to check-in and invest worldwide. His investments include Rappi, Scale, Nurx, Lattice, Omni, Long-Term Stock Exchange, Winnie, Carrot, Kite, Cover, and ~80 more.

26- Steve Troughton-Smith

He has developed many applications such as lotto machine, GPS speedometer, Broadcasts.

27- Glug HQ

28- Krzysztof Zablocki

He is one of the co-founders of Pixle as an experienced engineer, focused on iOS since its inception. In addition to regular iOS development, he specializes in designing maintainable architectures and finding ways to make teams more efficient.

29- Bartwe

He is a game designer, lead programmer, and founder of Plukit.

30- Kin Lane

Kin Lane is a writer, storyteller, and forever recovering technologist.

31- Ryan Jones

He is the product & strategy founder of Flighty App and Weatherline App. He is a game designer who has been designing and developing games professionally since 2012.

32- clang -Boooooooooo

33- Shihab (JPEGuin)

He is an App Store featured app developer ex-IBM and currently working on Aviary The App.

34- Derek Evers

Derek Evers is a music producer, and game designer started out making amateur games and now full platformers.

35- Mike Hay

Mike Hay is an iOS and macOS developer, leader, and explorer.

36- Steve P. Young

He is an app marketing wizard and the founder of App Masters Co.

37- Michael Lynch

He describes himself as “By day, a simple software engineer. By night, also a software engineer.

38- Kyle Fuller

He is a software engineer at Apiary and leading API Blueprint & API Description Formats, parsers, tooling.

39- Pedro

Pedro Buendia is a multidisciplinary Software Engineer working at Shopify.

40- Jérémy Mouzin

He is a JavaScript Developer & Designer learning front-end development and building an audience before launching his own SaaS business.

41- Aaron Pearce

Aaron is an app developer who spends his time writing Swift. He also works on HomeKit apps at Sunya.

42- Ken Ackerson

He is the Mobile Engineering leader & Founder and CEO at

43- Ryan Hudson

Ryan Hudson is a computer programmer and the co-founder of Honey.

44- Alec O’Connor

He is an iOS and macOS developer and consultant. He creates native mobile and desktop solutions with the Swift and Objective-C languages.

45- Joan Boixadós

Joan is the indie maker of

46- David Janner

David is the Founder & CEO at Megarama Games.

47- John Jackson

He is working in Analyst Relations at IBM.

48- Jason Tuyen

He is an indie game developer making Play Balls Game.

49- Rob Caraway

He is an iOS developer with nearly a decade of experience and worked with big brands like iClicker, Moat, Kubota, and HEB.

50- Daniel Eggert

Daniel is a senior iOS and macOS software developer, proficient in computer architecture, and has expert programming skills.

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