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How Testbook Takes Interactive Content Experience to the Next Level

Kaan Uyanık
January 21, 2022
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Testbook was looking to transform a passive audience into an active community by increasing engagement.


Testbook builds interactive Story experiences for their audience without using developer resources, and responses guide content strategy.


Story engagement rate


interactive story response rate


Story views per session


Testbook is an ed-tech company that provides exam preparation solutions for more than 1.5 million monthly active users. The Testbook app offers access to thousands of education materials and is one of the most trusted learning platforms in India. 

Like many apps, Testbook was looking for a way to improve engagement in the app to increase brand loyalty, especially amidst the pandemic. As an interactive domain in itself, the ed-tech space knows the value of direct two-way communication. Turning users from a passive audience to engaged participants in the app was a high priority, making engaging, interactive content a necessity. 

Storyly offered a perfect solution for their goals. The Testbook developers implemented the Storyly SDK in a short amount of time and the Storyly dashboard was ready to create interactive story experiences. Now, Testbook marketers are able to build interactive experiences for their audience without using developer resources.


Storyly Studio: The Ultimate Way of Creating Interactive Stories

Storyly provides the most intuitive content creation tools for marketers. With diverse content about the latest exam news, premium features, and special deals, Testbook stories are now a communication hub where users can get the latest updates about the app.  

Testbook marketers also use Storyly Studio to build their daily pop quizzes that drive engagement. Hundreds of interactive stickers are available and fun to use. The multi-layered structure of story entry points allows Testbook to keep their stories updated with fresh content while maintaining design continuity. Users can easily find new stories in familiar places and know just where to look for new content. Testbook marketers are also able to take advantage of the story scheduling feature to reduce their workload. Both story groups and stories can be set up once, scheduled for publication, and Storyly does the rest.

Another benefit of story interactions is that they generate first-party sentiment data. Testbook marketers use interactive stickers to poll their users about their interests and behaviors. This helps them to guide their app and content strategy with real time insights.


Using Testbook’s Own Segments to Target User Groups

Like many content heavy apps, Testbook has different user groups with different interests and motivations. Some are paid subscribers and some are free users. The best strategy to drive engagement and loyalty in any kind of app is to offer relevant content to different users, tailored to their needs. Storyly enabled Testbook marketers to easily target different user segments with appropriate content.

During the integration (or any time they want) the Testbook developers simply pass their user segments to the Storyly SDK as labels and they are available on the Storyly dashboard for targeting features. This enables Testbook marketers to target specific user groups, such as finance students, engineering students, or free users, with relevant content. 

With Storyly’s targeting features, Testbook can easily educate users about Testbook Pass, a premium subscription. By creating a Testbook Pass story with a CTA to the content page, Testbook marketers enable users to explore the benefits of the subscription program. Delivering introductions to their premium content is also supported with another Storyly benefit: showcasing transformation stories from real users.


A New Space for Social Proof

As a subscription-based app, Testbook needs to showcase other users’ experiences with the app and their success stories to encourage conversion to their premium subscription.. When users open the app and start exploring the key features and content, they are met with tappable stories from real users.  By showcasing real users’ successes, Testbook turns its most successful customers into its most effective advocates.



Testbook has seen great success from the integration of Storyly into their app. Stories published by Testbook have a 40% engagement rate overall, and an even higher engagement rate of 55% for interactive stories. The presence of stories has also increased sticky time within the app, with users viewing an average of six stories per session. Simply put, Testbook’s users love stories, and are consuming more content in-app with the accessibility offered by Storyly.


Kaan Uyanık

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