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How can Journeys enhance your key metrics?

Foster a deeper connection and engagement with your audience

Elevate user experience by building customized Journeys that adapt and tailor content based on individual preferences and interactions.

Boost user participation through gamification

Create engaging Journeys with fun quizzes and gamification elements that encourage active participation. Drive the time spent in your app or your website.

Drive greater conversion with Journeys

Boost conversion rates by showcasing relevant product Stories tailored to each user's interests and preferences.

Put your customers in charge of their experiences

Capture user attention and maximize campaign effectiveness by introducing engaging trivia and quizzes with Stories as part of your campaigns .

Upgrade to Enterprise package & SDK 2.0 for next-level Journeys

Upgrade to our enterprise package and stay ahead with the latest SDK version 2.0. Enhance your Journeys and unlock new possibilities for your business.

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We’re dedicated to making life easier for our customers with our intuitive Studio design and through constant customer support.

Ewelina K.
Marketing Specialist

Storyly is great for making our app more engaging for users and is really easy to use. The personalization of the communication strategy is important to us. Friendly and supportive team who are so quick to respond to any queries. We received huge feedback from them.

Maria Izmaylova
Brand Manager

The performance updates + easy way to generate and post content + many opportunities to create personalized stories & creative videos. Easy to upload images & emoji.

Rob B.
GM - Digital & Content

We were so impressed by the service we received right from the outset. Tomer was prompt, helpful and insightful, providing examples relevant to our business, taking the effort to setup several meetings and aligning with our goals. Brade and Nurcin have worked closely with us to ensure we are getting everything possible out of the product and been a wonderful support.. They don't just leave you to your own devices once you've committed to a subscription, the team are there every step of the journey to assist wherever they can. The platform is very easy to use, training is provided so the entire team feels comfortable, and the integration with our existing infrastructure and app was seamless.

Thiago B.
Marketing Specialist

Increased click rate and impressions in the short term. The agility in exchanging content and clear segmentation is also differentiating.

Kristina P.
Marketing Specialist

Overall experience with Storyly has been great. Main benefits include a great customer support, number of features and simplicity in using integrations.

Omar S.
Product Manager

Storyly is very quick and easy to set up and looks amazing on our site, giving it a much-needed modernisation of our content format offering. The onboarding process was smooth, informative and attentive and we felt well supported throughout. We've already seen a boost to user engagement in the few weeks we've been using Storyly and are excited about rolling it out to more pages!

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Success Stories

A front-row seat for customers to captivating content that helps them discover their next favorite things… This is what Footasylum achieved in the app and on the website with Storyly Stories!

Shoppable Video Stories: What a thrilling feature for the DeFacto marketers. They tapped into this dynamic content format to give audiences a richer understanding of the products and shorten the customer journey with embedded CTAs.

A game-changing in-app channel on the first day and clear ROI in the first week… Using Stories to increase campaign conversions and enhance new feature activation, Domino’s creates a true success story.

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