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Shoppable Stories: The key to unlocking more sales

Empower your app with captivating Stories to build stronger relationships with your customers.

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How can Shoppable Stories help drive more revenue?

Boost your sales with shoppable Stories that keep users engaged and increase average order value.

Craft compelling Stories with ready-to-use templates and an intuitive studio.

Maximize your Stories’ reach and visibility with customized or animated Story group covers. Increase product visibility by delivering full-screen app Stories.

Transform your customer experience by offering shoppertainment experiences that keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

Quiz, poll, emoji slider, rating, question sticker and so on…Engage with your audience like a pro, and all it takes is a simple drag and drop!

Gather zero party data with interactives and use Audience Builder to create new segments to enhance your marketing efforts.

Create stunning Shoppable Stories in minutes and transform your customers' shopping experience.

Utilize user properties or use labeling to personalize the user journey and deliver relevant content to them.

Boost app stickiness with personalized messaging tailored to each user, ultimately improving retention rates.

Provide a next-level shopping experience with in-Story checkout that offers convenience, speed, and a seamless shopping journey.

Boost your conversion rates with shoppable Stories, allowing users to shop your products without leaving the Stories. 

Streamline checkout with product tags, catalogs, and CTAs for a seamless customer experience.

Capture your users' attention with shoppable Stories highlighting product testing and demos, increasing engagement, product discovery, and sales.

Automate your app's Stories with a product feed, saving you time and effort. 

Harness the power of social media in your app's Stories by utilizing automation.

Streamline your content creation process and optimize engagement with your users.

Just a few drinks and you will have your Shoppable Stories


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Add your Stories


Add your product catalog


Choose your feed


Choose your products


Customize your style and you are done!

Success Stories

A game-changing in-app channel on the first day and clear ROI in the first week… Using Stories to increase campaign conversions and enhance new feature activation, Domino’s creates a true success story.

GenZ demands catchy and interactive experiences, even in a peer-to-peer money transaction app. So nothing is surprising about Pumpkin users’ love for Storyly Stories.

Marketplaces always struggle to help customers explore a wealth of items and browse through reviews to shop confidently. Storyly Stories has been the perfect solution for JD.ID to guide their users from discovery to purchase.

Achieve your goals with Storyly