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How can web Stories enhance your key metrics

Maximize user engagement with interactive and intuitive web Stories

Boost site engagement with interactive stickers - quizzes, emoji bars, countdowns, polls - extending session.

Reduce bounce rates with compelling Story content.

Unlock new user groups through interactive stickers.

Use audience builder with new user groups and amplify your marketing campaigns.

Personalize your website experience with web Stories

Utilize user properties or use labeling to personalize the user journey and deliver relevant content to them.

Boost stickiness and improve retention rates with personalized messaging tailored to each user.

Drive revenue with shoppable web Stories

Drive sales with shoppable Stories by enabling purchases within the Story.

Utilize CTAs, swipe-ups, product tags, and cards to boost click-through rates and guide your audience to the right pages.

Manage your web Stories effortlessly

Streamline your Story management process by automating your website feed, saving you time and effort.

Analyze your user engagement and behavior to optimize performance and enhance the experience.

Drive Sales and Boost Engagement with Journeys!

Let your customers take control! Use interactive stickers to empower them to customize their experiences and make choices that matter to them. Add trivia elements into your Journeys and challenge customers with quizzes. Reward correct answers to create a sense of fun, interaction, and sense of belonging.

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Success Stories

A game-changing in-app channel on the first day and clear ROI in the first week… Using Stories to increase campaign conversions and enhance new feature activation, Domino’s creates a true success story.

GenZ demands catchy and interactive experiences, even in a peer-to-peer money transaction app. So nothing is surprising about Pumpkin users’ love for Storyly Stories.

Marketplaces always struggle to help customers explore a wealth of items and browse through reviews to shop confidently. Storyly Stories has been the perfect solution for JD.ID to guide their users from discovery to purchase.

Achieve website goals with Storyly