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Improve discovery experience of travelers in the decision stage

Communicate campaigns with dynamic and shoppable video content

Guide travelers to their next adventure with content personalization

Create personalized year-in-reviews to enhance engagement and virality

Collect feedback after every journey to ensure customer satisfaction

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“Storyly is very quick and easy to set up and looks amazing on our site, giving it a much-needed modernisation of our content format offering. The onboarding process was smooth, informative and attentive and we felt well supported throughout. We've already seen a boost to user engagement in the few weeks we've been using Storyly and are excited about rolling it out to more pages!”

Omar Salleh

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Enhancing merchandising strategy with Storyly

Virgin Voyages was looking to market its premium services to passengers. And intuitive and interactive experiences on the website were the exact solution for them. When they found Storyly, the only thing to expect was a true success story.

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