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What is video shopping?

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May 22, 2023
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What is video shopping?

Video shopping refers to the process of purchasing products or services through video. This can include live streaming events where a host showcases products and takes orders directly from viewers, as well as pre-recorded videos where customers can click through to a website to purchase the featured products. Video shopping combines elements of traditional television shopping programs with the interactivity and convenience of online shopping.

Benefits of video shopping for consumers

There are many benefits that brands can enjoy when using video shopping to build a relationship with consumers. These advantages are why video shopping is so popular among consumers, with 66% of people preferring video-to-text content about products and 56% using online video to research products while shopping in physical stores.

Some specific benefits for consumers include the following:


One of the main advantages of video shopping is the ability for consumers to shop from the comfort of their homes. They don't need to visit a retail store and yet they enjoy an immersive shopping experience that connects them to a convenient e-commerce platform. 

People can also shop on multiple devices, including laptops and desktop computers at home, or they can shop on the go using their mobile devices. Ultimately, video shopping makes it easy for people to shop regardless of physical location.


Another benefit of video shopping for consumers is saving time. Shoppers can easily take a look at all offerings, skipping through products and information that don't interest them. In the process, people can find exactly what they're looking for with ease and don't need to sift through multiple offerings. This ease of shopping is likely to lead them to purchase before they have a chance to change their mind.

Visual appeal

Video shopping also lends more visual appeal to your offerings. People can see your products in action, which can be particularly helpful with certain items such as home goods and articles of clothing. A product showcase video can show people using or wearing these products, giving shoppers a better sense of the product's size and aesthetics while showing more subtle nuances that traditional product photos can't capture.


In addition to showcasing products more effectively, video shopping can personalize the shopping experience for each consumer. The right video shopping platform will be able to make personalized product recommendations based on factors such as the shopper's browsing habits, interests, and purchase history. This will further increase convenience and save time for shoppers as these videos take customers directly to the offerings that they want. 

Greater product selection

For brands that offer a wide selection of products that might not be available in all retail locations, video shopping gives people access to all available products. For instance, if a specific product isn't currently available in a shopper's local area, they'll be able to find what they want online through an immersive shoppable video.

Interactive experience

Certain video shopping platforms offer interactive experiences that help consumers get the most from your videos. These features could include tutorials that guide consumers or live or recorded demonstrations. 

A stronger connection through storytelling

Depending on the type of videos you use for your video shopping campaigns, you can also harness the power of storytelling to increase trust and elicit certain emotions in viewers. Building this kind of emotional connection can further increase sales.

You don't necessarily need to use any dialogue or a plot to incorporate storytelling into your video, either. Simply showcasing your products or services and their features in a more dynamic way than what you can show in static images will make it easier for people to imagine once they have your offerings.

For example, while product photos of a piece of jewelry might be able to impress customers to a small extent, a video of an influencer wearing the jewelry that highlights its elegance and the way it glistens in the light can help customers imagine themselves wearing the piece at a lavish event.

A woman holding a pink t-shirt and showing it off to a mobile phone's camera during a live video.
Video shopping

Benefits of video shopping for retailers

Video shopping also comes with certain benefits for retailers that make it a critical tool to use in your marketing and sales efforts. Video marketing alone is only growing more valuable for retailers of all types, with 81% of marketers finding a video to have directly impacted sales.

Retailers can experience many advantages with video shopping, such as:

Increased sales

Video shopping can significantly boost sales by providing shoppers with a convenient and highly engaging shopping experience. Consumers can easily view and understand new products they encounter and instantly buy them using a platform that simplifies the e-commerce experience.

Greater reach

With the help of video shopping, you can also reach a much wider audience than you would with other campaigns. Shoppers can explore your e-commerce platform and products from any device and location with an internet connection. 

Enhanced product presentation

Retailers can showcase products in a visual and interactive format. Good product photos can accurately represent your products, but videos can take things even further with live demonstrations. You can show how products would look and function in different environments and give shoppers more context.


Retailers must provide their customers with a personalized shopping experience that makes it easier than ever for shoppers to find what they want and need. Today, 66% of customers expect companies to understand their specific expectations and needs, and you can satisfy these expectations with video shopping. You can personalize the customer experience through videos by making personalized recommendations based on browsing or order history, which will help you close sales much faster.

Improved customer service

Video shopping will also enable you to offer customers a higher level of customer service. For instance, you can use videos featuring live demonstrations or product tutorials to bring more value to your audience. Customers can also use your video platform to get in touch with customer service representatives as needed.

Cost savings

Video shopping can help retailers save more money by offsetting the costs of maintaining physical retail stores. Ordinarily, you would need to pay for everything from rent and utilities to part- or full-time employees, but you can avoid these through cost-effective video shopping.

More trust and authority

High-quality videos that help you stand apart from the many competitors out there will help you gain more trust and brand authority among audiences. You'll impress people with appealing videos that offer a unique online shopping experience that goes beyond the limits of a typical e-commerce campaign.

Types of video shopping platforms

If you want to use video shopping to reach consumers, there are several platforms you can use to do so. 

Live streaming platforms

Live streaming tools allow you to live-stream products and demonstrate them for audiences in real time. During these streaming sessions, shoppers can engage by asking questions or otherwise interacting with the retailer. There's no shortage of live-streaming platforms available to use, with two of the most popular being Amazon Live and QVC.

Pre-recorded video platforms

Another tool you can use is a pre-recorded video platform that makes it easy to share pre-recorded videos, which could include product demonstrations and more. Consumers can watch these at their convenience and won't need to attend a live-streaming session. You can even record live-streaming videos and post them on these platforms. Examples of pre-recorded video platforms include Vimeo and YouTube.

Interactive video platforms

If you want to add interactive elements to your videos, you can use interactive video platforms that take your video shopping experience to the next level. These platforms allow users to select different product options, enjoy virtual try-ons of clothing and makeup, and much more. Zenni Optical and Modiface are a couple of popular interactive video platforms you can try.

Social media platforms

Retailers also frequently use social media platforms to reach their audiences. Visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok enable retailers to showcase products while building an even more personal connection with consumers. You can use them to hold live streaming sessions or upload pre-recorded videos, while engaging video ads use video in yet another way to captivate target audiences.

E-commerce platforms

The e-commerce platform you use may also include a video feature that optimizes the shopping experience for visitors. For example, Amazon and eBay offer a video product listing feature that can supplement product photos. These videos could supplement other off-site video content on social media and other platforms.

Use video shopping to build a strong relationship with consumers

Using an effective video shopping strategy and the right platforms, you can stand out in your industry and connect with all types of consumers. The key is to find the right solutions to impress your audiences and convert them into leads and customers.

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