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Drive App Stickiness through Countdown!

Sip of Inspiration

Stories would certainly create a habit for your users to check your app on a more regular basis as it would indicate there is something “new” expecting them everyday. Countdown feature can carry this even further by creating a sense of urgency to not miss out on anything. For instance, through the interactive features of Storyly such as polls, quizzes etc, you may create daily trivia to participate at. Announcing that the trivia stories would be available for only a period of time and having a countdown story that would announce this would certainly contribute to app stickiness! You may also enable to “reminder” feature of the countdown. Reminder means that the users can opt-in to be notified about a specific campaign/trivia at a pre-determined time by you, before the campaign/trivia begins/ends. Looking like a push notification, it would motivate the user to come back to the app, with a call-to-action message that you put in through Storyly Studio.

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