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You'll get a unique channel for promoting the latest news, campaigns and partnerships in your app and on your website. Want to know how?

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How does Storyly help you drive customer engagement?

Promote self-service solutions through engaging experiences

Share bite-sized Stories for FAQs. Streamline customer support costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Elevate your campaign participation and partnerships with actionable Stories

Boost engagement in campaigns with personalized, interactive Stories.  Make more users benefit from your partnerships.

Enhance loyalty program uptake and retention through gamification

Simplify rewards, boost satisfaction. Build interactive gamification scenarios with Storyly to strengthen brand loyalty and retention.

Drive feature adoption by showcasing your latest capabilities

Encourage users to discover all the features to make the most of your platform. Unlock the full potential of your product or services.

Ensure data privacy

Deliver customer-centric experiences backed by industry-leading data and security practices.

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We’re dedicated to making life easier for our customers with our intuitive Studio design and through constant customer support.

Nikun (Gun) K.
SVP, Head of Technology

For the price of hiring one developer, you can easily add interactive, engaging and automated stories to your existing applications. Building such functionality from scratch could easily take months to develop and many more developers to maintain. It’s easy to integrate, easy to operate, and new features are released regularly. The customer success team is very helpful and engages us with new ideas and use cases.

Maria Izmaylova
Brand Manager

The performance updates + easy way to generate and post content + many opportunities to create personalized stories & creative videos. Easy to upload images & emoji.

Md. Osman Saleh
Deputy Manager, Brand & Communications

Smooth interface, audience interaction options, generate custom audiences from audience interactions etc. This helps to craft the communication to the right audience and get the best result efficiently.

Ewelina Korzeniewska
Marketing Specialist

Storyly is great for making our app more engaging for users and is really easy to use. The personalization of the communication strategy is important to us. Friendly and supportive team who are so quick to respond to any queries. We received huge feedback from them.

Marieke Haus
Digital Marketing Junior

Most helpful about Storyly is how easy it is to use. Everything is self-explanatory, especially if you are already familiar with the format. Moreover, I really enjoy how it blends in with the website.

Sven Bendel

Storyly mimics the appearance of Instagram stories in any app perfectly. If you want to get Instagram-like stories into your app quickly, this is the place to go! Also, the support and the team are superb and really responsive! You can get them into your company's Slack and reach out to them anytime - they will help you instantly with whatever you throw at them.

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Success Stories

An engaging experience is key to success for any business, but it’s especially important for communications companies to excel at, well, communicating. For Swisscom app, the solution has been Storyly Stories.

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