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Milli Piyango Drives Engagement and Reduces Bounce Rate with Storyly Web Stories

Kaan Uyanık
April 21, 2022
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Despite having a broad and invested audience, Millipiyangoonline.com had a high bounce rate, which depressed conversion rates and revenue.


Web Stories create an immediate opportunity for audience interaction giving visitors reasons to click through and explore more.

decreased bounce rate




story engagement rate


Milli Piyango is the online home of Turkey’s national lottery. In addition to the main lottery, Milli Piyango offers visitors numerous ways to try their luck at winning cash prizes while supporting Turkish educational, environmental, and cultural initiatives. Although the concept of the lottery has remained essentially the same since its advent in 1939, its ability to reach a broad and enthusiastic audience has increased as technologies have advanced. An early adopter of online presence, Millipiyangoonline.com debuted in 1993, but as user expectations continued to evolve, it was time for Milli Piyango to level up their website to increase engagement and revenue. Fortunately, they turned to Storyly to add a story layer and empower new possibilities for communication and engagement.

Challenge #1 Few Engagement Opportunities Increase Bounce Rate

Low engagement is a common challenge faced by highly focused web brands with a small catalog of well-known offerings. Despite having a broad and invested audience, Millipiyangoonline.com had a high bounce rate which depressed conversion rates and revenue. Milli Piyango needed a way to immediately engage new visitors to the site and help them purchase tickets and game entries.

Challenge #2 Limited Audience Communications

Milli Piyango needed to communicate with their audience in a way that was engaging and immediate to let visitors know about new games and drawings. The marketing team felt limited by the constraints of a traditional website format in terms of creating a sense of immediacy for visitors and meeting audience expectations.

Challenge #3 Offering Rich Media Without Slowing Loading Speed

Video content has a higher engagement rate than static image or text based media, but it was important to Milli Piyango that the addition of video not slow down page loading speed. The Milli Piyango marketing team needed a way to pursue their goal of raising engagement rates without compromising on their user experience.

And then came Storyly.

Solution #1 Immediately Engage New Visitors with Web Stories

The addition of web stories created an immediate opportunity for audience interaction giving visitors reasons to click through and explore more. With Storyly Web Stories, the marketing team at Milli Piyango can tell visitors about the latest and greatest updates as soon as they arrive. With the wide range of available templates and customization options available in the Storyly Studio, the Milli Piyango marketing team is able to quickly and easily create beautiful story content that fits their brand.

Solution #2 Web Story Gather Audience Insights

One of the most successful features of Storyly Web Stories for Milli Piyango has been the metrics available via the Storyly Dashboard. By analyzing the first-party data gathered through story interactions, the marketing team can immediately see what is working, what’s not, and what to try next. Audience communication strategies can now be planned more efficiently and with the confidence of knowing what visitors are most interested in.

Solution #3: New Game Announcement with Video Stories

The marketing team at Milli Piyango has benefited greatly from the ability to include video in Storyly Web Stories, which allows them to share exciting videos featuring new games and prizes to visitors without slowing down their page speed. Video content captivates user attention, increasing games played and boosting revenue.


Storyly Web Stories have been a success for Milli Piyango, helping them decrease bounce rate by increasing engagement, boost conversion and revenue, and understand the needs of their audience with actionable insight. Visitors love the intuitive, exciting nature of stories and the numbers reflect this. Milli Piyango’s web stories have an engagement rate over 20% with CTRs at 33%!

The marketing team at Milli Piyango has been thrilled with the ease of using Storyly from creating customizable stories in Storyly Studio, to seeing their results in real-time through the dashboard. In future campaigns, Milli Piyango is hoping to see results from additional personalization through stories creating a more engaging experience for returning visitors.

This is just the beginning of the success between Milli Piyango and Storyly Web Stories so stay tuned for more!


Kaan Uyanık

Product Marketer who embraces empathic understanding, creativity and data. User-centered and product-driven approach to drive business impact and scale. Trained cultural sociologist who used to study communities.