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How Tarif Küpü Uses Storyly to Increase Page Views with Tappable Recipes

Kaan Uyanık
October 28, 2022

Tarif Küpü is a food and drink application with more than 2000 recipes in many different categories with clear, easy-to-understand instructions and itemized ingredient lists. 

Some of the features of the app include written and video formatted recipes, shopping lists, and recommendations. Users can sort recipes by category, add them to favorites, share and comment on them. 

The app aims not only to provide recipes, but also to teach users how to cook with  its rich library of instructional materials on the art of cooking. Challenges

As a content platform, Tarif Küpü is focused on increasing session duration, content consumption, and engagement. Tarif Küpü wants their users to make a habit of coming to the app and increasing their brand investment and loyalty. Of course, all of this eventually contributes to monetization objectives, since longer session times and retained users mean more ads being served. 

With many content platforms and apps chasing the same goals and facing similar challenges, Tarif Küpü needed something different to succeed in a competitive space; a smart and unique twist that would enhance the way they communicate and connect with their users. 

This is where Storyly stepped in!


By bringing the well-known story format to mobile apps, Storyly made it possible for Tarif Küpü to establish a new way of communicating with their users. Since integrating Storyly, Tarif Küpü has benefited from various features that directly tackle the engagement and retention challenges of the app.

The story format was a perfect fit for a content app like Tarif Küpü that publishes step-by-step tutorials and rich media. Storyly helped Tarif Küpü to engage users with an innovative yet familiar experience.

By importing highlighted Instagram stories to the app, Tarif Küpü was able to re-use social media content easily and maximize its content value by using ready-made engaging Storyly templates. With Instagam and YouTube content integration, Storyly helps minimize the workload of Tarif Küpü marketers, while keeping users happy with plenty of content across channels.

Tarif Küpü has also benefited from the labeling feature of Storyly. Through dynamic labeling, Tarif Küpü can identify user preferences and highlight relevant content with stories. If a user browses the pastry section, for example, the stories featured on their homepage will be updated automatically to appeal to their interest. 

Tarif Küpü has also benefitted from the interactive features within stories, which allow them to engage users with polls, quizzes, rating options for recipes and content and more. By gathering first-party data through audience communications, stories offer valuable insights into the needs and preferences of Tarif Küpü’s users.


Addressing the challenges of Tarif Küpü from various angles, the use of Storyly created amazing results, contributing dramatically to the engagement and retention goals of the app. Below is a summary of the great yields that stemmed from integrating Storyly, comparing Tarif Küpü’s before and after use metrics.

Dramatic Improvement in D7 Retention Rates: Retention is essential for growth and has a high return on investment with research conducted by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company showing that enhancing app retention rates by 5% increases profits from 25% to 95%. With Storyly, Day 7 RR has been increased up to 10% in Tarif Küpü.

Double-Digit Growth in Session Times and User Engagement: Session time is a critical metric for a content app, directly connected to engagement and interaction. Storyly provided a double-digit increase in session time, and boosted user engagement events by up to 15%. 

+30% Increase in Ad Revenue: We observed an increase in page views of 15% (recipes, main page, and listing) meaning that the users spend more time in the app. As the users spend more time on pages, the number of ads displayed has grown, which means more ad impressions and  activity, causing more than a 30% increase in ad revenue. 

We are proud to say that Tarif Küpü remains an active user and endorser of Storyly, benefiting from powerful results and accessing every new feature launch immediately.

Would you like to increase your ad revenue as Tarif Küpü did?

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