App Rating

What is a good app rating?

Apps with four stars and more are considered well rated. 

Why app ratings and reviews matter?

App ratings and reviews are extremely important for app discovery and reach. Apps with high ratings and many positive reviews are much more likely to be downloaded by potential users browsing the app store. A survey from Apptemptive revealed that 59% of browsers consider reviews when deciding whether or not to download an app. Higher ranked apps earn higher revenues and downloads. 

How to improve your App Store ratings?

The first step to improving app store ratings is to focus on improving user experience, while the second is to encourage satisfied users to leave positive reviews. 

While there are many aspects to improving user experience, strategies that focus on providing value to users, creating opportunities for engagement, and deepening brand investment will naturally generate higher ratings and more reviews. 

It is also important to find opportunities to encourage users to rate and review your app, with communication channels that make it quick and easy to do so. 

How to leverage App Store reviews?

Part of the advantage of positive reviews and high ratings is that they can encourage more downloads, bolstering further success. Sharing positive reviews in press releases, awareness and discovery campaigns, and across communication channels is a strong strategy for putting positive reviews to work.

What is the difference between the Apple App Store and Google Play Store review management?

Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store review systems work on a ranking of one to five stars, and the option to leave a more detailed review. The main difference between the App Store and Google Play Store rating system is that the average rating on the App Store is defaulted as a calculation of lifetime rankings with the option for app creators to reset the calculation at any time, the Google Play Store will always display an average of the current app ratings. 

How does Google Play star rating work?

Rating within Google Play is on a star scale from 1-5. The average rating is calculated based on current reviews and ratings of the app and does not take into account how the app has been rated over its lifetime. 

How does App Store star rating work?

The App Store rating system is based on a star ranking of one through five with five being the highest rating. The average ratings are displayed to represent the average of ratings over the lifetime of an app, but it is possible for the app creator to reset the average at their discretion.

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