App Rating

What is app rating?

App rating is the feedback that an app receives from the users who use a mobile app. These ratings are given by the users on App Store of Play Store, or any other mobile app platform from where the app was downloaded and installed.

As far as the app store is concerned, each app rating contributes to the overall rating of that specific app on app store. Although you have the option to reset the rating after updating your app. If the update resolves any previous issues, it can be a good idea to reset the ratings to avoid those poor app ratings. However, negative iOS reviews and ratings can still be seen on the app store. It is imperative to respond to negative reviews and inform that users that the issue(s) have been resolved.

For the Google Play Store, the guidelines allow the users to see the following:

  • App’s total number of ratings
  • App’s overall rating that is based on individual rating
  • Your app’s and competitor apps’ rating comparison
  • App’s rating in previous time periods
  • App rating based on device type, location or language
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