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Average Session Duration


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What is average session duration?

Team Storyly
March 16, 2023
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What is average session duration?

Average session duration is an engagement metric that measures the amount of time a user spends using an app or browsing a website at a time. 

Why is average session duration important?

Average session duration is important because it can indicate how engaged users are by content, and how invested they are in a brand. 

How is average session duration calculated for a website? 

Average session duration for websites is calculated wih the same formula for apps; take the total session durations over a period of time and divide it by the number of individual sessions over the same time period. 

Formula of Avg Session Duration?

Average session duration is calculated using the formula of total duration of all sessions divided by the number of total sessions over the same time frame. 

Formula to calculate average session duration. The calculation is as follows: total duration of all sessions divided by total number of sessions
Formula for average session duration

How Does Google Analytics Calculate Average Session Duration?

Google Analytics calculates average session duration over a period of time by dividing the total time of all sessions by the number of individual sessions in the same time window. 

Does the average session duration include bounces?  

Average session duration does not include bounces or exits. The bounce rate of an app or website is a seperate engqagement metric that does not affect average session duration.                                                            

Ways to increase average session duration

Strategies that are aimed at increasing engagement and creating a positive user experience can help increase average session duration. Here are a few to get started with:

Publish rich content

Dynamic, engaging content is the best way to keep users engaged. Focus on easy to consume, visually rich content such a Stories, shoppable videos, and interactive elements like quizzes and polls.

Show users where to go next

Link to more relevant content connected to topics that interest users or provide product recommendations to help users continue browsing and interacting with your app or website. 

Prioritize user value

Make sure your user interface is easy to navigate and that visitors to your app or website can quickly and reliably get the most out of their experience. 


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