Daily Active Users (DAU)

What is daily active users?

Daily active users refers to the number of unique users who interact with an app on a sampled day. 

How DAU works

DAU, or daily active users, is a measurement of the number of unique users who interact with an app on a daily basis. It is a common metric used to judge engagement, and a key element of other engagement metrics as well. 

Why DAU matters

DAU, or daily active users is an important metric for judging audience engagement in an app and can indicate an app’s “stickiness” as well. 

Why it’s dangerous to rely on your DAU

No single metric can give a complete picture of success, so relying on DAU alone for engagement can create an inaccurate picture of audience investment. Additionally, because the definition of “active” can be subjective and vary from company to company, it is best to rely on internal metrics of DAU when mapping trends. 

How to calculate daily active users

Daily active users is a measurement of unique users who interact with your app on a daily basis and can be found within data analysis programs such as Google Analytics. 

Increasing daily active users

If you want to increase your daily active users, focus on efforts that improve user experience and satisfaction such as a streamlined onboarding flow, using clear CTAs, keeping the app experience fresh, optimizing performance, and connecting through in-app Stories. For more information and strategies, see our blog post on increasing daily active users.

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