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Deep Linking


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What is deep linking? How do I create a deep link?

Team Storyly
March 16, 2023
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What is deep link, linking?

Deep linking is the practice of creating direct links to in-app locations rather than taking users to a browser navigated webpage. 

How to create a deep link 

There are several deep link generator tools available online such as Apps Flyer, Adjust, and Joturl, or a deep link can be coded in HTML by adding deeplink="true" to the link in your message.

Deep linking in iOS

Deep linking in iOS refers to the use of links that take users directly to relevant content or location within an app rather than a browser navigated website.

Deep linking in Android

Deep links are used to direct Android users to specific locations within an app rather than a website or homepage, which can streamline the user experience.  

What are the uses of deep linking?

Deep linking is a strategy used to improve user experience and support ASO strategy by taking users directly to relevant content or locations within an app rather than to a browser-navigated webpage. 

How to integrate deep linking into your marketing strategy

Deep linking is a smart choice for marketing strategies because it reduces user friction in navigating to the promoted product or offer. Using deep links within social media campaigns can help drive traffic to specific pages or app locations and reduce bounce rates by meeting user expectations. In-app content channels such as Stories are an ideal vehicle for deep linking and can streamline the conversion funnel for mobile users. 


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