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What is in-app Story?

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February 19, 2024
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What is an in-app story?

In-app Story is a form of short-form digital content that is full-screen, immersive, and often temporary. It is published in mobile apps, where active users can see and watch.

In-app Stories create a content layer that is separate from the home screen of an app where users can access slideshow or video content that can include images, text, video, animation, stickers, interactive elements, or any combination of these elements. In-app Stories allow app creators to promote products and services directly to their audiences and can also be used to open a dialogue through interactive elements.

Short history of in-app Stories

The Story format originally began as a social media phenomenon created by Snapchat, which was then adopted by Instagram as a way to allow users to create quick, casual supplements to their main feed in the form of temporary video or image content. 

Stories went far beyond the walled gardens of social media platforms and became possible both web and mobile apps. Some companies have preferred to build in-app Story feature in-house but this practice didn’t become too common due to the workload of developing and maintaining it. A more viable solution became possible when Storyly was founded in 2020 as the first user engagement platform to enable companies to offer in-app and web Stories on their own platforms. This was when in-app Stories became more widespread thanks to the easiness of the process. By transforming how businesses connect with their audiences, Storyly has proved that the Story format can create authentic relationships and communications that drive engagement and conversion. 

Today, the Story format has become an indispensable part of the digital ecosystem and a key communication method for individuals, organizations, and brands.

How did in-app Stories become popular?

In-app Stories are popular with digital audiences because they have a similar look and feel to the content they consume on social media. As a mobile-native content format, in-app Stories are easy for users to engage with and take advantage of the mobile format with interactive elements and easy navigation. 

From an app owner’s perspective, in-app Stories are becoming more popular because of their efficacy as a marketing and communication tool. Stories create engagement opportunities, help direct users to the latest offerings and promotions, and allow for direct dialogue with users. As more and more apps utilize in-app Stories, digital consumers come to expect Stories as a component of the in-app experience.

Why are in-app Stories important for brands? 

In-app Stories are important for brands because they provide a unique opportunity to connect with their audience in a more authentic and engaging way. Stories allow brands to showcase their products or services in a more casual and creative way, which can help to build brand awareness and loyalty.

They also provide a sense of exclusivity, as Stories are typically only available for a limited time, which can create a sense of urgency and encourage users to engage with the brand. Additionally, Stories offer valuable insights into user behavior and preferences, which can help brands to refine their marketing strategies and improve their overall performance.

Advantages of Storyly in-app Stories


Unlike other UI elements, which have been adapted from desktop experiences, in-app Stories don’t need to be reformatted for mobile consumption– they’re already a perfect fit.


In-app Stories are easy to use in the same way that touch screens are easy to use. With virtually no learning curve, in-app Stories offer snackable content in a simple, streamlined format. 


Interactive components are your gateway to deeper engagement and insightful feedback, all while making the experience enjoyable for users. Discover Storyly's interactive components in a fun, user-friendly way, including polls for instant feedback, emoji reactions for quick engagement, and quizzes to entertain and inform. Product tags and promo codes seamlessly integrate shopping and deals, enhancing user interaction and conversion potential. Each component is designed for simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring valuable insights are just a tap away.


Shoppable Stories revolutionize shopping by blending immersive visuals with instant purchasing capabilities, boosting engagement and conversions. This seamless integration allows customers to explore and buy directly within the story, enhancing the shopping experience and driving sales​​​​.


Personalizable content leverages user data to deliver tailored experiences directly, enhancing engagement and loyalty. Storyly enables targeted content delivery, making every user interaction feel unique and personal. This approach exceeds consumer expectations for personalized engagement, significantly impacting brand loyalty and user retention​​​​​​.


In-app Stories offer an ephemeral “backstage peek” into the brand they love with an off-the-cuff vibe. Especially when personalized, Stories feel authentic, intimate, and genuine– perfect for deepening brand loyalty and customer relationships. 

Examples of in-app Story usage

  • Footasylum: Millenial and Gen Z shoppers love the social proof that Footasylum provides with fashion-focused videos, on YouTube. But with in-app Stories, Footasylum has been able to offer app-exclusive content to increase app usage, session durations, and cart values. 
  • New Look: In-app Stories help New Look’s shoppers find and purchase their new favorite wardrobe additions quickly and easily. Stories offer a full-screen, personalized product discovery experience that has driven CTRs up to 80% showing that audience segmentation and tappable CTAs are a winning combination. New Look has also used interactive Story elements to improve their response rates by 50% and gain valuable audience insights through zero-party data
  • Decathlon: Decathlon leverages Storyly to transform its app into an interactive adventure, guiding shoppers through a dynamic journey of product discovery. With in-app Stories, the brand achieves a remarkable 31% click-through rate, increasing engagement and driving conversions. This strategy highlighted both Decathlon's innovative approach to retail, and also the power of personalized, full-screen experiences in fostering connections with their active community.
  • Nescafé: Nescafé has taken a significant leap in consumer engagement by incorporating Storyly into its NE'APP, offering a dynamic platform with enhanced user interaction. How? By allowing users to guess new flavors for rewards. The Nescafé Xpress mystery flavor campaign drives this innovation, using diverse media to funnel users into the app, achieving a notable 70% response rate. This strategy exemplifies effective user engagement and direct communication through in-app Stories. 
  • NBL: The National Basketball League (NBL) of Australia and New Zealand has successfully integrated Storyly, enhancing its in-app experience. This collaboration highlights Storyly's effectiveness in utilizing short-form video content to engage sports fans, demonstrating a significant improvement in user interaction and satisfaction. The positive feedback from NBL professionals underscores Storyly's potential to revolutionize the digital sports experience, making it a valuable tool for the industry.
  • Domino’s: Early in the pandemic, Domino’s pizza adopted in-app Stories to educate customers about their new wallet feature. With step-by-step explanations and clear CTA’s, Stories helped Dominos stand out in the crowded food delivery space, increasing conversions and feature adoption. 
  • DeFacto: Ready-to-wear fashion leader, DeFacto embeds Shoppable Video Stories within different parts of their app, such as women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing sections to increase engagement and conversion. By tailoring Stories to different users based on their preferences for price, size, color, and product type, DeFacto is able to offer their users relevant content and easier navigation. 

Why choose Storyly in-app Stories?

As a pioneer in the realm of in-app Stories, Storyly is committed to enriching the user experience by seamlessly allowing captivating Stories into your app. How? Storyly’s user-friendly design ensures your content looks great and functions perfectly on any device. With interactive elements like emojis, polls, quizzes, product tags, and call-to-actions, Storyly Stories are not just watched but interacted with, creating a deeper engagement between brands and their audiences. 

Storyly's feature set not only engages customers but also makes the buying process quicker. With a notable 8% rise in conversion rates, a 60% boost in pageviews, a 26% growth in daily retention, and a 60% reduction in bounce rates, Storyly has clearly demonstrated its ability to improve user interaction and positively impact metrics for ecommerce companies.

Storyly also allows for gaining valuable insights into how your Stories perform, what your audience prefers, and how to refine your strategy for maximum impact. Its seamless integration into your app is straightforward, ensuring you can start engaging your users with captivating Stories in no time. Unlock the full potential of in-app stories with Storyly and transform how you interact with your audience. Let's connect and create memorable experiences together!


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