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Increase Brand Awareness by Interactive Videos

Sip of Inspiration

You can use Interactive Videos on Demand (IVoD) to create content that aligns with your brand without purely focusing on your product, by interviewing your clients, influencers or experts. For example, if a gym owner wants to gain more clients, they could interview a local athlete or members from different fitness levels about their goals, accomplishments, and what motivates them. People interested in the local athlete may relate to people with real stories and they may might watch the video to learn more, but then consider a gym membership if they want to have similar accomplishments.

You can use interactive features such as polls and quizzes to interact with their users during the video, get to know their goals and motivations as well.

Other scenarios can show the people behind a company or brand, as this will allow people to feel more relatable or that you are trustworthy and you will increase the trust in your brand and consequently in your products.

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