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We’re dedicated to making life easier for our clients not only with our intuitive Studio design but through constant customer support. There is nothing more rewarding than amazing reviews on G2. 
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Higher sales conversion
Increase in daily retention
Uplift in session time
Increase in product pageviews

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Discovery experience - better than ever

Create desire in window-shoppers with a full-screen, uninterrupted experience. Utilize swipe-ups, shareable promo codes, CTA buttons, and product tags to lead visitors directly to checkout.

Create your first Story

Personalized Stories for individual impact

Cut through the noise with personalized Stories tailored to customers’ interests and preferences. Activate repeat purchases with relevant recommendations. Encourage cart abandoners to complete their purchase.

Shoppable videos in your app

Collect zero-party user insights

Utilize interactive Stories with polls, sliders, questions, and more to deepen your consumer data. Improve the buyer journey with these actionable insights.

Gamified shopping

Design game-like shopping scenarios to enhance stickiness. 

Success stories

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A game-changing in-app channel on the first day and clear ROI in the first week… Using Stories to increase campaign conversions and enhance new feature activation, Domino’s created a true success story.

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Click-through rate
Higher conversion rate compared to banners
Increase in the activation of the wallet feature

Marketplaces often struggle to help customers explore a wealth of items and browse through reviews to shop confidently. Storyly Stories has been the perfect solution for JD.ID to guide their users from discovery to purchase.

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Click-through rate
Video watch length

DeFacto creates a whole new dimension within their app to announce campaigns, showcase products, and deliver videos with Storyly Stories, increasing session duration, engagement rate, and conversions.

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Click-through rate 
Story engagement rate
Decrease in bounce rate

We are the missing piece to deliver
engaging shopping experiences!

Phil O'Hagan

Lead Product Manager at New Look

“Storyly helps us answer some very difficult customer/business problems - as a company we have lots of things to convey to customers - new products, new features, sustainability initaitives, offers, promotions, loyalty...etc. Often trying to cram all this info into an app experience means compromising on the customer experience and worrying about overloading customers with info. However, Storyly has given us an elegant and simple solution to this problem by giving customers bite-size chunks - that are easy to engage with or ignore and move onto the next one.”

Gülsüm T.

Senior App Campaign & Content Specialist at Defacto

“Storyly is not only a product, but also a great teammate with the Dedicated Account Management service it provides. From a product point of view, I can say that the product is definitely positioned as a great communication and transformation channel in our application. The interactive elements it provides have a very good effect on the conversion rates of the content we share, and at the same time, the interaction rates of the users in our application with the channel are clearly increasing with each passing month. One of my favorite parts of this product is the advices we get from Storyly's mobile-savvy Engagement Managers on how to make the most of the channel!”

Nataliia R.

Mobile App Product Owner at Autodoc

“Easy to integrate into the application, intuitive admin panel for uploading and analyzing content. Fast and qualified support of the company's employees.All these things made our experience with Storyly very comfortable and effective!”

Buse D.

E-Commerce Assistant Specialist at Atasun Optik

“As Turkey's leading optics brand, we would not have thought before the integration with Storyly, that we can bring interaction to the e-commerce application that we have . With the interactive elements that Storyly provides, we can interact with the users within the application, and it also serves as a channel for our product promotions. At the Dashboard point, it has a very user-friendly interface and finally and most importantly you can reach Storyly's Customer Succes Team whenever you want for the possible use-cases that you might want to implement into your application.


Strategy Manager at Modanisa

“We acquire new users very rapidly, so it was essential to bring them a user experience they were already familiar with from the social media: displaying stories on the homepage. We can easily import our stories from our social media accounts or build new stories from scratch on Storyly. We can create user segments using the labels on the tool to display different stories to each group. We currently use location and language parameters, but the tool supports any filter you wish to develop on your app. We can upload images, videos, and extra features such as voting and product tags. Product tags are especially useful for e-commerce since we can upload a single photo as a story and tag each piece of the outfit with different product page links.

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