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Coinstats Helps Users to Make Better Decisions on Their Investments with Storyly

Dilayda Soylu
April 25, 2023
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Coinstats wanted to create a space where it can interact with their users in a fun, unique way.


With Storyly, Coinstats interacted with its user in a fun way through interactive stickers and elevated their product education and social media presence.


bigger engagement rate

boosted social media presence

elevated product education

Coinstats is a platform where users can do crypto trading all in one place in a simple and easy way. They are making users able to manage their investments on the same platform, ensuring instant visibility and the comfort of a smart interface. Users can connect all multiple exchange accounts and trade in a few clicks, making you gain time and focus on your investments. The user-friendly platform offers a hassle-free experience and ensures you stay updated on your investments.

Challenge #1: Building a platform to interact with users socially

Imagine an app with no space to connect with users. It can be a real bummer! We all love to connect and engage or have an impact on something. Lack of social interaction can limit the growth and success of your product. That’s why Coinstats needed a space to create a platform where they could connect with users easily. 

Challenge #2: Breaking the mold - discovering a fresh and exciting approach to in-app messaging

Simply communicating with users isn't enough - they want a fun and unique experience! If your app lacks a fresh and engaging approach to user interaction, users may become disinterested and less satisfied with your product. Coinstats know the importance of finding an engaging way to communicate with users.

And then they found Storyly…

Solution #1: Elevating product education with Storyly

The crypto world can be overwhelming, but Coinstats is here to make it simple and all in one. For this purpose, they use Stories as a great format to educate users about the latest features, such as how to send crypto gift cards or how to swap. With Storyly, users can get the most out of the benefits, and Coinstats can deepen retention, customer loyalty, and feature adoption. By leveraging the power of Storyly, Coinstats elevates product education and ensures users have a top-notch experience.

Solution #2: Boosting social media thanks to Stories

Did you know that Coinstats uses the power of Stories to enhance their social media presence? It's true! Stories are immersive, full-screen, and perfect for connecting with your audience across different platforms. With Storyly, Coinstats has been able to create a Story group called 'Crypto memes' that not only engages users on the app but also directs them to their social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, and it has a 3x bigger engagement rate! By leveraging the power of Stories, Coinstats can boost their engagement and keep users entertained and informed in a fun and interactive way.

Solution #3: Finding a fun way to interact with users through interactive stickers

Coinstats is taking product their user engagement to the next level with Storyly's interactive stickers. By using these stickers such as Poll, Rating, etc, Coinstats can connect with their users and make them feel like they have a real impact. These stickers are a fun and effective way to create a more socially interactive space for users to connect and engage with the app. With Storyly's interactive stickers, Coinstats is delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience that users will love.


Coinstats has revolutionized the way users manage their investments by providing a user-friendly platform that offers managing everything all in one place. By incorporating Storyly, they have been able to overcome the challenges of creating a space where they can connect with their users. Storyly has allowed Coinstats to elevate product education, boost their social media presence, and enhance user engagement with interactive stickers. The creation of the 'Crypto memes' Story group has led to a 3x bigger engagement rate, showcasing the power of Stories to connect and engage with users in a fun and interactive way.

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Dilayda Soylu

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