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Streamlining the Music Experience: How Storyly Helped fizy to Boost User Engagement

Dilayda Soylu
May 22, 2023
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fizy needed to increase the user engagement rate. fizy was looking for creative and dynamic ways to interact with their users.


With Storyly, fizy benefited from fun interactive stickers which offers them to create more personalized and interactive experience that increase engagement rates.


engagement rate




response rate

Lifecell Müzik Yayın ve İletim A.Ş, known as fizy, is a digital music and video platform that aims for serving everyone who enjoys listening to music. fizy's primary objective is to provide a user-friendly platform that offers a hassle-free music and video experience for its users.

Challenge 1: Overcoming user engagement challenges

fizy offers users a wide range of content from various genres. Despite having a diverse collection of music and videos, fizy's primary challenge is to increase user engagement on their platform. The more time users spend on fizy, the higher the likelihood that they will subscribe to their services and become loyal customers.

Challenge 2: Breaking through banner blindness: fizy's search for creative and dynamic user communication alternatives

fizy used banners to communicate with their users. However, the fizy team realized that banners were not effective enough in grabbing users' attention, resulting in low user engagement and conversion rates. As a result, they were looking for creative and dynamic alternatives that could help them communicate and engage with their users effectively.

Challenge 3: Keeping up with today's short attention spans: fizy's quest for bite-sized and dynamic content

fizy was facing a challenge in engaging their users with their content effectively. The fizy team recognized that reaching their users with more dynamic and bite-sized content was crucial in ensuring that their content was seen and users were engaged. They needed to find a solution that could enable them to show more content to their users and keep them engaged.

And they found Storyly…

Solution 1: Engaging users through Interactive Stickers: fizy's Encore Playlists approach

fizy implemented a unique concept of "encore playlists" to further enhance their users' interactive experience. Every week, fizy asked users about their favorite songs and collected zero-party data through interactive stickers. This data was then used to create a playlist that was shared with all fizy users, allowing them to discover new songs and artists while also feeling heard and valued by the platform.

This approach demonstrates fizy's commitment to engaging with their users and using their feedback to create a more personalized and interactive experience. By using interactive stickers to collect data and turning it into an actionable plan, fizy was able to increase user engagement and retention rates significantly.

'' I highly recommend Storyly for any company looking to boost customer engagement. The communication with the customer engagement team has been amazing, and the easy-to-use studio has made everything so much simpler for me. Overall, Storyly has helped us to better understand our users' preferences and behaviors, allowing us to provide a more personalized experience for our audience." Yasemin Sarper - Associate Digital Product Music Manager

Solution 2: Diversifying content strategy: fizy's approach to user engagement

fizy diversified their content strategy to keep users engaged, including features like "New Songs of the Week," campaigns, and interviews with singers. This approach allowed fizy to cater to the diverse interests of their users, creating a personalized experience that kept them coming back to the platform.

The "New Songs of the Week"  Stories helped users discover new music, while the Campaigns Story group created excitement and urgency around specific events or promotions. The Interview Series with singers gave users an intimate look at their favorite artists, fostering a deeper connection between the platform and its users. fizy's approach to diversifying content strategy demonstrates their commitment to user engagement and keeping their audience connected to the platform.

Solution 3: Increasing stream with Storyly

fizy utilized Storyly's interactive and dynamic features to boost user engagement and increase stream on their platform. The full-screen format of Storyly allowed fizy to showcase bite-sized content, accompanied by interactive stickers, resulting in more time spent by users on the platform. Storyly's interactive features also enabled fizy to collect valuable user data, further improving the platform's content and user experience. 


The use of Storyly has proven to be effective in increasing user engagement for fizy. With an average engagement rate of 24%, users are spending more time on the app and interacting with its features. The average click-through rate (CTR) of 21% also suggests that users are more likely to explore the content and discover new music and videos. Moreover, the average response rate of 20.7% highlights the positive impact Storyly has on fostering communication between fizy and its users. With these impressive metrics, fizy is confident in its ability to continue providing a top-notch music and video streaming experience to its users, while also enhancing its personalization efforts through segmentation.


Dilayda Soylu

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