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How Empik Go Uses Storyly to Activate Its Users

Kaan Uyanık
October 28, 2022

Empik Go is an e-book app from Poland offering a large database of titles– over 40,000 e-books and 4,500 audiobooks. While known for their extensive catalog, EmpikGo also prioritizes their user experience. Currently, 255K people enjoy reading and listening to books on Empik Go monthly and that number is growing on a daily basis.


For mobile applications, onboarding and leading your customers to a subscription can be a tough sell. Sometimes users fail to proceed through the steps they need to take to use your application properly. Also, converting the casual, free users of today, to the subscribed, paid users of tomorrow is a constant challenge for apps working on a subscription-based model. Explaining the benefits of subscription via banners or simple text might not be attractive enough. These challenges were no different for Empik Go. They needed a way to encourage users to subscribe to the app with a compelling content experience. Knowing that onboarding is a significant pillar of long-term retention, Empik Go chose to focus on making their onboarding process as smooth and appealing as possible. 

Content distribution is at the core of the Empik Go App, but it can still be hard to let their audience know about seasonal offers, special deals, or promotional events like virtual book fairs. Users are so used to traditional content distribution methods that they may miss out on relevant offers and new material. 

Understanding audience preferences and needs is another challenge for apps, but one with big payoff potential. With the right insights, apps can provide content and features their audiences love, boosting brand loyalty, engagement, and session duration.  Enter Storyly, the ultimate solution that can assist EmpikGo with all the above challenges.


#1 A Full-Screen Canvas to Welcome Your Users

The full-screen experience and interactive options that Storyly provides make the onboarding process easy and familiar for app users. Call-to-action buttons and swipe-ups can be directly embedded into stories, guiding user action. Empik Go was able to guide their casual users toward becoming paid subscribers by using stories with CTAs during the onboarding process. By using the labels feature in Storyly, Empik Go can target free users with a distraction-free, full-screen onboarding flow that highlights the benefits of paid subscriptions.

#2 An Addictive Way of Conveying New Content

Empik Go releases their ‘Best Of’ list at the start of each month. After integrating Storyly, the marketing team at Empik Go started releasing this content in story format. Not only did it provide an immersive, rich media experience for users, but marketers were able to see audience reactions based on interaction. Through the analytics dashboard, Empik Go can see valuable data on user sentiment. Plus, with CTAs directly in stories, users could go from new content discovery directly to purchase or related products, driving conversions.

#3 Customer Empowerment with Interactive Stories

The ease of gathering insights and collecting user feedback through stories was also quite beneficial for Empik Go. By using interactive features and gathering insights from their users, Empik Go can make informed decisions about content, features, and strategy.


Each of the challenges Empik Go faced was directly addressed by Storyly, and the benefits were incredible. By highlighting subscription benefits in the onboarding flow, Empik Go increases conversion and user retention. By using stories to release new content and special offers, their most valuable audience is prioritized, and users can go directly to cart from discovery. By gathering first-party data through audience interactions, Empik Go can keep customers satisfied and hooked on their app. With a 35% response rate to interactive polls, Empik Go’s marketing team has been able to design their campaigns to achieve a 26% increase in daily retention rate.

“Storyly is not only an interesting tool that extends the functions of our application, but also it provides excellent customer care. We regularly receive ideas for new and better use of Storyly, and none of our emails and problem reports are left unanswered. Storyly helped us significantly increase the retention in the application. It is also a great place to showcase new products and features.” - Agnieszka Zienkowicz - Product Manager at Empik Go

Would you like to increase your retention rate as Empik Go did?

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