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RBS Boost Engagement Across Multiple Channels With Storyly

Dilayda Soylu
November 28, 2022

Grupo RBS, Brazil’s leading multimedia communication company, is the largest Rede Globo affiliate, producing entertainment and news content on radio, television, newspapers, and digital platforms. Within RBS, GZH is one of their most dynamic news apps, publishing content from Rádio Gaúcha in digital format, as well as Zero Hora, the largest newspaper in Rio Grande do Sul. Given the breadth of their portfolio, and the volume of content GZH manages, their social media team needed engagement tools that could help their audience discover relevant content quickly and easily, without becoming overwhelmed.

In addition to streamlining their content delivery, RBS also wanted to create opportunities for dialogue with their audiences across their many platforms. Though different channels have different niches and needs, all avenues stood to benefit from audience insight to guide their content strategy, interactive capabilities that would boost engagement, and a content delivery channel that would encourage longer session times. 

A large, diverse company like RBS needed an equally agile and capable solution that was up to the challenges across channels. 


1. Opening a direct communication channel with audiences across many brands 

As a digital newspaper app that brings together the best of Rádio Gaúcha and Zero Hora in one place, GZH serves their audience across a wide range of fronts including the Subscriber’s Club, the GZH podcast channel and more. Each has its own audience, with unique needs and expectations, but gathering useful audience feedback can be complicated in the mobile landscape. 

GZH needed a way to directly engage with their audience in order to gain a better understanding of their interests and values. Having a clear picture of audience segmentation between and among channels would help GZH deliver relevant content to niches within their audience, increase retention, and lengthen session time. 

2. Convincing non-subscribers to become subscribers with personalization and targeting

With so many news outlets offering free content, it can be difficult to convince casual users to become subscribers unless they can understand the true value of a premium subscription. Mass message marketing is less and less effective as audiences become inundated with advertising. 

The ability to offer personalized experience can cut through the noise and drive conversion, but it needs to be feasible at scale. GZH needed a way to not only target audience segments with relevant content, but personalize on a level that was impactful for each unique user. 

3. Finding an all-in-one solution

Although each brand under the GZH umbrella has different goals for user segmentation, engagement, and communication, RBS needed to find a tool that was flexible enough to solve each challenge for each brand. Unwilling to waste time and effort orienting each aspect of the company to a number of tools and services, RBS was on the hunt for one resource that could help each team reach their goals. 

Thankfully, they found Storyly.


1. Stories can be used by all brands to increase engagement

Enhancing in-app content delivery by adding a Story layer was a surefire way to boost engagement by giving audiences nearly endless opportunities to engage with all of GZH’s brands. With Storyly Stories, users learn exactly where to look for the latest content, which is refreshed dynamically, offering a fresh cover image with every tap. 

But Stories are more than a content delivery system! They also invite audiences to respond directly with interactive capabilities like stickers, polls, and emoji sliders. With the highest response metrics of any in-app communication method, Stories let GZH brands take the pulse of their audience at any time or any topic, giving them first-party data and actionable insights. 

2. Storyly makes audience segmentation and personalization easy

The labeling feature offered by Storyly makes it easy to communicate targeted messaging to a variety of audience segments, no matter how small. A natural extension of the insights gained via interactive communication, targeted Stories allow GZH to reach the right users at the right time with the right message. 

Even better, GZH marketers across channels are able to connect their CRM and utilize Storyly’s automation capabilities to create personalized Stories without draining creative resources. 

3. Storyly does it all

RBS was able to achieve their goal of empowering their many brands with a single tool: Stories. GZH’s Subscriber’s Club marketing team was able to use Stories to promote events and offers that incentivized conversion. Their editorial team is able to engage users with interactive elements to create community dialogue. Content Strategy teams are able to make data informed decisions with analytics from the Storyly dashboard. 


The results of adding Stories to GZH’s platforms speak for themselves. Their engagement rate has risen to 20%, with a click through rate of 23%, immediately fulfilling the goal of increasing audience engagement and participation. 

Likewise impressed with the increases in content consumption and session duration, RBS plans to increase their use of personalization and targeting with Stories, and are excited about the possibilities that Stories can bring across their many brands and channels!

Looking for an all-in-one solution for boosting engagement, gathering audience insight, and delivering a delightful user experience? Book a call today to find out more about Storyly!

Do you want to increase your session time as RBS did?

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