Black Friday Unwrapped: 20 Proven Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales

Black Friday Unwrapped: 20 Proven Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales

As the holiday season approaches, retailers and eCommerce businesses eagerly gear up for one of the most significant events in the shopping calendar – Black Friday. 

This day, following Thanksgiving, has evolved into a retail extravaganza that sets the tone for the entire holiday shopping season. 

In 2022, online Black Friday shopping experienced a 2.3% boost from the previous year, amassing an impressive $9.12 billion in sales. 

According to a survey of 1,000 consumers across the U.S., a substantial 82% of people plan to shop during Cyber Week 2023. What’s more, 2.5 times more individuals will shop online for Black Friday deals compared to traditional in-person shopping. The numbers speak volumes, reflecting a significant shift in consumer habits towards online shopping.

What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday, an annual shopping event that originated in the United States, has now become a global phenomenon. It marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, with retailers offering significant discounts both in-store and online. Known for its slashed prices, this day sets off a surge in consumer spending. 

In a nutshell, Black Friday is more than just a day; it's a cultural tradition that signals the beginning of festive shopping weeks. 

Why Is Black Friday Marketing Important?

Black Friday has become increasingly popular with the rise of online shopping. On this day, eCommerce sites roll out significant discounts and special deals, offering shoppers a way to access savings without braving the long lines and crowds in physical stores.

It's not just a day of increased consumer activity; Black Friday is a golden opportunity for businesses to skyrocket sales, attract new customers, and enhance brand visibility. 

The importance of effective Black Friday marketing cannot be overstated, given the fierce competition and high consumer expectations surrounding this day.

So, what exactly is Black Friday marketing? It's a set of strategies and tactics employed by both offline and online retailers to promote their products, drive sales, and create a buzz during this high-demand shopping period. Think social media promotions, limited-time sales, and savvy digital marketing campaigns. 

Prepping for Black Friday Success

Preparing for Black Friday is more than just offering deals; it's about standing out in a sea of advertisements. Customers are actively hunting for the best deals. Every store, whether it's a brick-and-mortar or an eCommerce business, is vying for attention. 

The question is, how do you capture customers’ attention?

Understand Your Audience

To make a mark, understanding your target audience is crucial. Tailor your campaigns to resonate with their preferences. Define your goals clearly; know who you're speaking to and what you want to achieve.

Inventory Management Matters

The surge in demand on Black Friday is no joke. Inventory management is your secret weapon. Ensure you're well-stocked to meet the increased demand, avoiding the frustration of potential customers finding products out of stock.

Creating Irresistible Offers

Now, let's talk about the offers. They need to be more than discounts; they should be downright appealing. Craft deals that speak to your audience, that make them stop scrolling and take notice. Your goal is to not just sell, but to engage and entice.

So how do you catch their eye? Let’s delve into 20 marketing strategies that will make your Black Friday unforgettable.

20 Proven Black Friday Marketing Strategies

  1. Share the Buzz and Behind-the-Scenes 
  2. Add an Interactive Chatbot
  3. Run a Black Friday Email Marketing Campaign
  4. Create a Sense of Urgency with Countdown Timers
  5. Unwrap Hourly Surprises 
  6. Create a Custom Landing Page
  7. Run Paid Ads on Facebook and Other Social Channels
  8. Minimize Abandoned Carts
  9. Make the Copy of Product Descriptions Compelling
  10. Offer Free Shipping and Returns
  11. Optimize Your Website for Shoppers Searching on Google
  12. Create a Black Friday Gift Guide
  13. Give a Free Gift with a Purchase
  14. Team Up with Influencers and Creators
  15. Utilize SMS Marketing
  16. Hold a Black Friday Social Media Contest
  17. Collaborate with a Non-Profit Organization
  18. Optimize for Mobile
  19. Offer Rewards for Minimum Spend
  20. Simplify your checkout process

Share the Buzz and Behind-the-Scenes 

In the competitive landscape of Black Friday marketing, stand out by giving customers a sneak peek of what’s in store. Let them know exactly what to expect from your Black Friday offers.

A little tease can go a long way in piquing interest. If you're in e-commerce, consider offering a glimpse of your top products that will take center stage during Black Friday sales. For those in the SaaS sector, a quick video or GIF highlighting your product's key features can generate anticipation.

Regardless of your approach, make sure these sneak peeks align with the Black Friday theme, signaling to potential customers the impressive discounts that await them.

Add an Interactive Chatbot

In the hustle of Black Friday marketing, leverage the power of chatbots for direct and interactive customer engagement. 

These digital assistants not only provide information but also boost sales. For instance, a chatbot can suggest matching socks when someone adds shoes to their cart. 

Chatbots can also automate customer support, especially with the surge in inquiries. A well-designed chatbot streamlines responses to FAQs, giving your support team the bandwidth to handle more complex issues.

Run a Black Friday Email Marketing Campaign

On average, email drives an impressive ROI of $36 for every dollar spent—outpacing every other channel.

Who doesn't love finding exclusive discounts and deals in their inbox? Prepare for engagement by setting up your email campaign a few weeks before the Black Friday frenzy. 

Create email campaigns that delight your subscribers with tempting offers and watch your returns soar. 

Create a Sense of Urgency with Countdown Timers

Remember that nail-biting scene in your favorite action flick where the hero races against time to disarm a ticking bomb. It's a cliché, but guess what? It works.

Nothing quite evokes urgency like a ticking clock. It happens to be one of the mightiest marketing tactics in the playbook. 

Whether counting down to the sale kickoff or the expiration of an exclusive deal, timers are the secret sauce that propel action and urge customers to hit that ‘Buy Now’ button.

Unwrap Hourly Surprises 

Those “can’t-miss” hourly offers are a great way to convince people to act. 

Launch a dedicated campaign, revealing a fresh, irresistible deal every hour on Black Friday.

These deals can take various forms—be it an exclusive VIP discount, a complimentary gift, a markdown in a specific product category, or any other delightful surprise. 

The goal? Lure customers back to your online store time and time again throughout the day, ensuring a continuous flow of excitement and unbeatable offers.

Create a Custom Landing Page

Having a dedicated Black Friday landing page isn’t  just a choice—it's a necessity to steer traffic, enlighten customers about your offerings, and elevate the overall shopping experience.

Make sure that your landing page has clear and compelling copy that effectively conveys the value of your deals.

Also, don’t forget to feature your most attractive Black Friday deals prominently using high-quality images. 

Run Paid Ads on Facebook and Other Social Channels

Expand your reach strategically by investing in paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

While organic methods have their merits, the unparalleled effectiveness of paid advertising cannot be overstated. 

You can apply filters and target specific demographics. Paid ads on Facebook provide direct, targeted access to thousands of potential customers. This approach is not just an expense; it's a calculated investment that magnifies your Black Friday message and maximizes impact.

Minimize Abandoned Carts

In 2022, on Black Friday, the global cart abandonment rate dipped to almost 78%, providing a golden chance this year as well.

You can minimize abandoned carts by setting up a recovery email sequence featuring exclusive Black Friday perks. When shoppers leave items behind, nudge them with a reminder email showcasing the special discounts awaiting them. 

Use compelling language and visuals to lure them back.

Make the Copy of Product Descriptions Compelling

Good writing can significantly boost your sales. When your emails have catchy opening lines, people are more likely to click through. The same goes for product descriptions on your site – if they're interesting, more visitors will become customers.

When describing products, use words that create a clear image in the customer's mind. 

Add relevant keywords for SEO and have an FAQ section to answer common questions from buyers.

Offer Free Shipping and Returns

According to Shopify's 2023 trends report, free shipping reigns supreme on Black Friday. Shoppers order 2.5 items on average with free shipping, spending $22 more than paid shipping.

Make it a Black Friday highlight! Offer free standard shipping for all orders. Clearly shout this out on your website, product pages, and emails.

Also, build trust with a stress-free return policy. Assure customers they can easily return items within 30 days, complete with a prepaid return label. Mention it all on a dedicated returns page.

Optimize Your Website for Shoppers Searching on Google

In the crowded Black Friday eCommerce race, securing a spot on Google's front page is crucial. Boost your ranking by optimizing for online shoppers.

Conduct keyword research and seamlessly incorporate relevant terms into your site, maintaining a natural tone. Avoid keyword stuffing for a user-friendly experience.

Create a Black Friday Gift Guide

We all love a good gift guide, right?

A gift guide is a curated selection of your products, sorted in a way that makes it easy for shoppers to choose. For instance, you could create a ‘For your picky friend’ guide that has some unique pieces you’re selling. 

Gift guides not only make shopping fun, they also promote your products and drive traffic to your website.

Give a Free Gift with a Purchase

People love feeling rewarded.

Who doesn't love free stuff? Offering a gift with every Black Friday purchase makes people more likely to buy from you. Small businesses often give something worth under $2.

What’s more, gifts make your customers feel great.

Team Up with Influencers and Creators

Influencer marketing is a game-changer for eCommerce. It helps businesses tap into large audiences and find new customers. A survey of 500 millennials and Gen Z consumers revealed that 71% are likely to buy a product because of influencers.

Big-name influencers can be pricey, but micro-influencers often have a devoted following and high engagement. They offer affordable and effective partnerships, especially for small businesses.

Instead of being too specific with creators, let them guide the promotional content. They know their audience best and can make your product or brand more appealing to them.

Utilize SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can be a great addition to your overall Black Friday marketing campaign. 

Why? Because SMS campaigns boast high open rates and almost instant views. Most texts get read within three minutes of delivery.

Utilize SMS to remind customers about Black Friday deals and share exclusive discount codes. Send targeted texts alongside your social media and email efforts.

Hold a Black Friday Social Media Contest

Social media contests are an engaging way to boost your website or store traffic, gather leads, and raise brand awareness.

Choose a prize your audience would love, encouraging participation and sharing among friends. It's like a stamp of approval when your friends recommend a brand – people trust it more. 

Have your followers tag friends or repost your content for contest entries.

Collaborate with a Non-Profit Organization

A 2022 research study found that 82% of shoppers prefer brands that share their values, with 66% seeking eco-friendly options. 

Align your brand with a cause by teaming up with a charity. Donate a portion of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday profits to connect with conscious consumers and showcase your brand's principles.

Before Black Friday, spread the word about your partnership on all channels.

Optimize for Mobile

With 76% of U.S. adults making online purchases via smartphones, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for eCommerce brands. This is especially true for Black Friday, where a substantial chunk of shopping happens on mobile devices.

Make sure your website is fully responsive, smoothly adapting to different screen sizes. Simplify the mobile checkout by reducing steps and offering user-friendly payment options like mobile wallets. 

An optimized mobile experience not only boosts conversions but also caters to the preferences of on-the-go shoppers.

Offer Rewards for Minimum Spend

Minimum spend rewards are a great tactic to increase conversion rates and encourage customers to spend more money with a business. 

Encourage higher spending and increase conversions with minimum spend rewards. For instance, if customers hit a $100 cart, offer them free shipping – a simple yet effective Black Friday strategy.

You can also toss in a free gift with a minimum purchase. It could be a low-cost item for you or a customer-favorite. 

Simplify your checkout process

A simplified checkout process is a great user experience. 

Make online shopping a breeze by trimming unnecessary steps and fields, fitting it all on one page. Enhance convenience with autocomplete features. 

Don't forget third-party payment options and mobile wallets like Google Pay, Paypal, and Apple Pay. These additions make the checkout process even more seamless for your customers.  


These marketing strategies will help you boost sales and enhance the overall shopping experience this Black Friday. 

As you gear up for the holiday shopping extravaganza, remember that early planning and execution are key. Implement these proven strategies strategically, and your Black Friday is bound to be a sales skyrocketing, customer-engaging success. Happy selling!


İrem Isık

İrem Işık is a Head of Marketing at Storyly. She holds a bachelor degree in business administration from the Middle East Technical University and MSc. degree in marketing & strategy from University of Warwick. As a former brand manager İrem knows/writes about marketing tech stack, brand management, marketing strategies, growth hacking.

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