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Making the Most of Automation in Storyly

Kaan Uyanık
November 28, 2022

Great content, and lots of it, is key to keeping engagement rates high in any kind of app, and in-app stories, like the ones powered by Storyly, are a fantastic way to help your audience discover more of what they love about your brand. The only trouble is, that creating stories can be time-consuming, and marketing teams are often already overwhelmed. When the benefits of in-app stories are so high for engagement, session duration, and conversion, it doesn’t make sense to miss out, but what if there were a way to help your team create story content without burdening their workload?

The good news is, Storyly has you covered. The automation feature in Storyly is the perfect answer to creating story content that’s relevant to your audience without stressing out your marketing team. By connecting your product feed or RSS feed to the Storyly automation feature, Storyly will generate stories featuring your products or content without your team having to do the heavy lifting.

Automation is just one of the features that Storyly offers to make life easier for app owners and their marketing teams and is part of our commitment to helping you save time, money, and stress while creating the best possible experience for your audience.

Check out these customer stories below to see how automated stories can help boost engagement and guide the customer journey with ease. Giving Users the Latest in Cryptocurrency News

For a cryptocurrency app like, staying on top of the latest news is key. Buyers, traders, and sellers all rely on for the most up-to-date news, trends, and info on cryptocurrencies. By integrating their RSS feed into Storyly, is able to effortlessly create stories that highlight their most recent content. Storyly not only creates the story, but adds featured images and a directly embedded CTA that helps users view the content immediately, driving engagement, and boosting the power of their articles and videos. With the news feed story group, can keep users informed with relevant, easily accessible news through stories while the marketing and content teams can stay focused.

Automation with Storyly makes it easy for marketers to get the word out about the most recent or relevant content, without draining creative resources. has seen an incredible response to these stories, with one in three users tapping through all stories in their visit to the app. Marketers and users love the ease of sharing and finding these stories in a reliable place, fulfilling’s promise to keep users informed in the easiest way possible.

Domino’s Pizza: Tempting Sides in Stories Drive Conversion

When people think of pizza, they think of Domino’s. But did you know they also offer delicious desserts like cinnamon bread twists, marbled brownies, and chocolate crunch cake? Domino’s uses stories to keep these tasty sides top of mind when customers are placing their orders, and with Storyly’s automation feature, they can do so hassle-free.

As a beloved brand with a global footprint, Domino’s knows that making food delivery as simple and quick as possible is crucial for success, especially considering the uptick in food delivery since the onset of the pandemic. That’s why they turned to Storyly to keep their app ahead of the competition. Storyly stories have helped Domino’s gather audience insight, build brand loyalty, and encourage new feature adoption like the in-app wallet.

“As Domino's, we do not only serve pizzas but also hundreds of delicious sides for our customers. With the help of Storyly's ‘Product Feed’ feature, we easily created a story group automatically converting our dessert feed into eye-catching stories. Thus, we saved a considerable amount of time by setting up and creating templates while achieving noteworthy click-through rates.”

Kaan Olcay, Product Owner at Domino’s Turkey

For dessert stories, Domino’s simply chose a template from the Storyly Studio, integrated their product feed, featuring desserts, and Storyly creates a suite of mouthwatering stories to help hungry customers indulge their sweet tooth. Now, when customers prepare their order, they see a dessert story with an embedded CTA encouraging them to add a dessert, and the results are hard to argue with: automated dessert stories have a click-through rate of over 25%!

Fy!: Fresh Trends in Product Stories

UK-based retail brand, FY!, offers a broad selection of chic and eye-catching homegoods from up-and-coming designers and independent artists. Helping users stay on top of trends and discover favorite new products is a high priority for FY!, and they rely on Storyly Stories to help them share new and undiscovered products with their users in a format that feels both familiar and fresh.

With the labeling feature in Storyly, FY! is able to showcase different parts of their product catalog such as rugs, wall art, or side tables, to users who have shown interest in those items. In this way, FY!’s marketers have been able to automate product stories featuring the latest and greatest of their offerings to the audience most likely to purchase while they are in the app browsing.

By embedding CTA’s into these stories, users are able to go from product discovery to checkout in seconds. FY!’s audience loves the ease of shoppable stories, and their marketing team loves that by connecting the product feed to Storyly, stories can be created automatically, lessening their workload while still boosting engagement and conversion. Automated stories help FY! provide “A world of emerging brands in your pocket” to their users who love shopping the app.

Automation Saves Time and Money

Storyly technology is designed to make life easier. Not just for app owners and developers, but for marketing teams, content creators, and especially users. Automation allows an app to put its best content and products into stories where they can be best seen and interacted with without burdening creation teams.

Creating automated stories is quick and easy! Simply integrate your RSS or product feed into Storyly, choose from a variety of templates in the Storyly Studio or design your own, and Storyly will create beautiful, clear stories featuring products and content tailored to your audience.

By automating content sharing and product stories, marketing teams are free to better utilize their time and creativity, and app owners save money without sacrificing user experience.

Kaan Uyanık

Product Marketer who embraces empathic understanding, creativity and data. User-centered and product-driven approach to drive business impact and scale. Trained cultural sociologist who used to study communities.

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