Top 22 Retail and eCommerce Experts to Follow in Europe

Top 22 Retail and eCommerce Experts to Follow in Europe

Keeping up with the latest news, technologies, and trends in the retail and eCommerce industry is crucial to achieving success. Thankfully, experts who have an active voice in this field lead the way for us to get to know the industry. The following list features the top retail and eCommerce experts to follow in Europe. (If you are looking for US-based retail and eCommerce experts, check out the US version of the list.)

Mary Portas

Mary Portas (UK)

Mary Portas is a retail expert and the founder of Portas, a creative company with transformational ideas for people ready to live, buy and sell better. She is the author of three books; Rebuild: How to thrive in the new Kindness Economy, Work Like a Woman: A Manifesto For Change, and Shop Girl

Cas Paton

Cas Paton (UK)

Cas Paton is the founder and CEO of, the fastest-growing marketplace in the world which offers millions of products for sale. Cas has experience in various online industries, ranging from eCommerce to marketplaces, and web development. 

Eve Williams

Eve Williams (UK)

Eve Williams is the chief marketing officer at eBay UK. They oversee the UK’s marketing activity to build the brand with the UK customer at eBay. Before joining eBay, they worked at as the global brand and customer experience director, where they were responsible for the online fashion company’s marketing and customer programs such as acquisition, CRM, content, and consumer communications. 

Andrew Busby

Andrew Busby (UK)

Andrew Busby is a global industry leader in retail at Software AG, where they help retail businesses realize the benefits of digital transformation. Andrew has over 22 years of retail experience and is a former Forbes contributor and best-selling retail author. Andrew was also ranked as a top global retail influencer by Vend, RTIH, and RETHINK Retail. 

Chloe Thomas

Chloë Thomas (UK)

Chloë Thomas is a globally recognized eCommerce marketing problem solver. She hosts two podcasts: the award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan and Keep Optimising Marketing. Chloë advises business owners and marketers on what they should do in order to grow their businesses. She is a frequent chair at online marketing events in the UK such as Internet Retailing Expo, Internet Retailing Conference, eCommerce Expo, and Autumn Fair. 

Ian Jindal

Ian Jindal (UK)

Ian Jindal is the founder of InternetRetailing, a media company that generates content that provides insight into multichannel and online retail, and the CEO of RetailX, which is a performance research company focused on multichannel retail and the digital commerce sector. Ian is also a frequent conference chair, keynote, and commentator. 

Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell (UK)

Margaret Mitchell is the chief commercial officer at Space NK, the ultimate destination for beauty discovery with the most innovative products in the beauty world and cutting-edge cosmetics. They are also the founding members of Chief, a private network for the most powerful women in executive leadership to strengthen their leadership. 

Alexander Graf

Alexander Graf (DE)

Alexander Graf is the co-CEO at Spryker, where they enable companies to create winning commerce experiences in B2B, B2C, and marketplaces, and a publisher at Kassenzone, the largest German podcast on eCommerce and digitalization. Alexander is also the co-author of the book named Das E-Commerce-Buch, where they share their experiences and analyze successful eCommerce companies. 

Natalie Berg

Natalie Berg (UK)

Natalie Berg focuses on the convergence of physical and digital commerce. She is the founder of NBK Retail, where she also works as a Retail Analyst and provides fresh insights on the trends shaping the global retail landscape, such as quick commerce and immersive digital experiences. She has co-authored a book on retail: Amazon: How the World’s Most Relentless Retailer Will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce. Natalie is also a senior contributor at Forbes, and her ideas on the future of retail have been published in the FT, Guardian, BBC, and The Times, among others.

Viv Craske

Viv Craske (UK)

Viv Craske is an advisor and consultant for online grocery and retail businesses. He supports companies on topics such as digital strategy, MarTech, omnichannel personalization and CX,  retail media, and AdTech. Viv is also the author of the book named Surviving Digital Disruption: The 7-Step Digital Marketing Strategy To Futureproof Your Brand On The High Street And Online

Ali Jones

Ali Jones (UK)

Ali Jones is the chief customer officer with over 20 years of experience in diverse, omnichannel retail and services environments. She is a customer director at Co-op, one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives, and a member of WACL, an industry networking organization that connects the most senior female leaders in marketing and communication. 

Greg Deacon

Greg Deacon (UK)

Greg Deacon is the chief customer officer at Jisp, the leading money-saving and rewards app that unites customers, retailers, and brands. Greg writes about retail media and was chosen as one of the top 100 retail influencers. 

Laetitia Lamari

Laëtitia Lamari (FR)

Having over 15 years of experience in marketing, Laëtitia Lamari is currently a marketing manager at Sitecore, a SaaS-enabled platform that empowers businesses to provide unforgettable customer interactions. They host a podcast called Le Café de l'​E-Commerce, the first independent eCommerce podcast in French. It mainly focuses on digital marketing, eCommerce, retail, and MarTech. 

James Gurd

James Gurd (UK)

Having more than 16 years of experience, James Gurd is an eCommerce strategy and re-platforming consultant who helps businesses deliver eCommerce growth. He is the owner of Digital Juggler, an eCommerce strategy consultancy, where he delivers high-level international eCommerce strategy projects. James also co-hosts the Ecommerce Replatforming Podcast to give insights and advice on website replatforming. 

Colin Lewis

Colin Lewis (UK)

Colin Lewis is the founder of Digital Gasoline and is a part of the industry board of advisors to Econsultancy on topics such as eCommerce, digital, marketplaces, and marketing. Colin has been programming DMX Dublin, Ireland’s largest conference, since 2013. Also, Colin is a judge at the Masters of Marketing Awards, organized by Marketing Week. 

Francesca Musacchio

Francesca Musacchio (UK)

Francesca Musacchio is the chief marketing officer at Miravia, a company that aims to enhance the lifestyle through an innovative eCommerce experience. Francesca has over 15 years of experience in different industries like food and beverages, tech, eCommerce, and payment technologies. Also, Francesca believes that shoppertainment is the future of retail and is proud of being part of it at Miravia. 

Maria Jose Roja

Maria Jose Barrera Rojas (ES)

Maria Jose Barrera Rojas is a digital & eCommerce expert who has over 18 years of international experience leading digital transformation at multinational companies and startups. She is the global eCommerce director of Massimo Dutti at Inditex Group. Maria is the associate professor of eCommerce and Transforming Marketing & Sales at IE Business School. 

Luis H.

Luis H. (ES)

Luis H. is the eCommerce sales & digital marketing director at Grupo de Seguros El Corte Inglés and has over 20 years of experience in eCommerce, retail, insurance, high tech, and the internet. They are a believer in marketing and the power of digital in transforming businesses. 

Alex Baker

Alex Baker (SE)

Alex Baker is the founder of Retail Tech X, a retail management advisory with the mission of impacting people’s retail experiences. They host the podcast named R3TAIL INITIATIVE, where they meet inspiring and courageous leaders to share the lessons from their journeys. Alex was also the founder and facilitator of the RIO retail network for professionals at the Swedish Marketing Association. They were also named among the top 100 retail influencers in 2023 by RETHINK Retail. 

Angela Lloret Barcelo

Angela Lloret Barceló (ES)

Angela Lloret Barceló is the digital & marketing director for ZARA Footwear & Bags at Inditex Group. They have extensive experience in project management and international teams. An expert in strategic management of digital marketing & eCommerce. 

Martin Newman

Martin Newman (UK)

Martin Newman is one of the world’s leading experts on customer centricity and fights for a positive change for consumers and brands. He has worked for 40 years leading the multichannel operations of some of the world’s most popular retail brands. He was featured in Retail Week’s top 50 eTail Power List five times in a row. 

Asmita Dubey

Asmita Dubey (FR)

Asmita Dubey is the chief digital & marketing officer at L’Oreal France. They have over 25 years of experience in consumer businesses. Asmita leads L’Oreal on their digital transformation journey to develop their marketing models and embrace new data-driven solutions. Asmita first joined L’Oreal in 2013, where they laid the foundations of the group’s eCommerce acceleration in China. 

*For the names I listed here, I used their preferred pronouns if they mentioned these in their social media profiles. If this information is not available, I preferred to continue with the gender-neutral singular "they" in order not to assign gender identities. You can always contact me at if you would like to make any changes.


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