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amma Pregnancy Tracker Builds Supportive and Engaged Community with Stories

Dilayda Soylu
October 14, 2022
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amma saw the power of Stories on social media but needed a way to harness that engagement internally to build in-app community investment.


High-value Story content drives in-app engagement, deepening brand investment, and fostering a sense of community for amma's users.


CTR for Stories


increase in reach in the first month


increase in active users

Every day 20 million users across 150 countries turn to amma Pregnancy Tracker for research-backed information and emotional support through their pregnancies. amma app was launched in 2019 and has since become a valued mobile resource for pregnant people and their families and is available in 13 languages. As amma continued to grow, they knew that keeping their audience informed and invested was key to success for them and their users, and with 700,000 new downloads each month, staying on the cutting edge of mobile engagement was more crucial than ever. 

Challenge #1: Building Story Engagement Inside the App

The content team at amma was already familiar with the power of Stories from their social media accounts and saw that users enjoyed and responded to the format. The only problem was that all of those great engagement metrics were happening on their social media platforms, outside of the app rather than building internal community investment. The marketing team at amma needed a way to harness that power internally to keep their users engaged without leaving the app. 

Challenge #2: Keeping Users Informed but not Overwhelmed

Pregnancy is a physically and emotionally stressful time for many expectant parents and while there is lots of information available, it’s not always reliable, and it can be difficult to absorb so much new information while juggling the responsibilities of work, family, and health. amma knows that there’s more to being a supportive and reliable resource than simply providing information, one also has to make that information accessible and easy to consume so users can get real value from their content. 

Challenge #3: Creating a Story Channel without Developer Investment

Like many app teams, amma does a lot with a little, and a small team of dedicated people are responsible for creating an app that serves millions. While amma’s content teams had been aware of the impact that Stories can have on engagement and community building, the resource cost of internal development was too high to be worth the investment. The amma team needed to stay focused on their users and was looking for a partner that could give them immediate usability with minimal onboarding. 

And then they found Storyly!

Solution #1: In-App Stories Build In-App Engagement and Community

This image contains example of Stories with interactives.

By creating a Story layer with Storyly Stories, amma can leverage the interactive power of Stories directly within their app. The same responsive results the marketing team noticed from social media Stories were now available to their audience in their own platform helping to drive engagement, deepen brand investment, and foster a sense of in-app community for their users. 

Solution #2: Stories Offer Snackable Content for Users

This image shows Stories that amma created for their users.

With the easy-to-use Storyly Studio, the content team at amma has been able to create informative, appealing, high-value Stories that help their users understand more about their pregnancy, their physical health, and their emotional well-being without overwhelming them with text-dense articles. Stories are easy for users to consume and enjoy and provide a more accessible format for valuable information and resources. 

Plus, amma can use Stories to help users get the most value out of the tools available in the app such as mood trackers, appointment reminders, and developmental milestone markers. By illuminating these features through Stories, users get more value out of the app. 

Solution #3: Storyly Stories are Developer Friendly and Quick to Enable

This image shows Storyly dashboard and how you can create a content.

Storyly Stories is specifically designed with developers in mind and can be integrated in as little as 15 minutes with minimal coding. Within a week, content teams can start publishing Stories and seeing the results of their efforts in the Storyly Dashboard. amma has been thrilled with the customer service support available from Storyly, noting that “The Storyly team regularly updates us on how we are performing and comes up with suggestions that are likely to take us to the next level. We see they understand the value of our product and try their best to offer customized solutions that will work especially for us.”


This image shows the result of using Storyly by amma.

The amma app already had an incredible community of users and the addition of the Story channel allowed them to interact with the app in a whole new way. The marketing team was gratified to find that users love the new Story content and the evidence of their success is clear in the numbers. 

The average amma user watched 10 Stories per session, and spent upwards of 73 seconds in the app per visit. The average response rate to interactive sticker elements such as polls, quizzes, and sliders is 55% with some achieving response rates as high as 82%! The click-through rate for Story content is 47%, showing how successful Stories are at driving traffic to valuable content and partnerships. 

In addition to these amazing results, amma’s Story channel is growing fast as their reach grew 174% in the first month of use, alongside an 84% increase in active users, and a 64% rise in CTR!

What’s Next?

The content team at amma is looking forward to building on the interactive capabilities of Storyly Stories to help drive their publication strategy and include user-generated content for a more personal, community-based feel to their Stories. They’re also looking to expand the number of  Stories with new languages.


Dilayda Soylu

Product Marketing Manager at Storyly, covering launches, managing products and always excited about new tech solutions. Knows/ writes about customer insights and new features. A hopeless dreamer, loves zen thinking and being in nature at the first opportunity.