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Dreams: Enhancing Engagement with Storyly's Wrapped Stories and Braze Integration

Dilayda Soylu
June 5, 2024
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Dreams, a revolutionary finance management platform, is not just about managing money; it's about helping individuals achieve their dreams. With a vision to empower users to visualize, plan, and attain their life goals, It offers an effortless way to save more money, extend its longevity, and simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint without even noticing it.

Challenge 1: Increasing Customer Retention

In addressing the challenge of increasing customer retention, Dreams embarked on a comprehensive strategy aimed at fostering long-term engagement with their platform. Understanding the significance of retaining users and sustaining their interest over time, Dreams prioritized the enhancement of communication strategies to convey the value proposition of their app effectively. They realized the necessity of maintaining a strong connection with their audience, ensuring that users felt valued and supported throughout their journey with the app.

Challenge 2: Seeking Dynamic Messaging Solutions

Dreams wanted to update their content strategy by incorporating a dynamic format similar to TikTok or Instagram. The goal was to create content that resonated with their audience and aligned with their brand ethos. They wanted to revitalize their messaging strategy to provide their customers with a new and engaging experience.

Challenge 3: Enhancing Engagement through Effective Communication

Moreover, Dreams faced challenges with low engagement through their existing in-app messaging channels. They realized that the traditional messaging format failed to captivate users effectively, which in turn, impacted both their brand-building and conversion efforts. As a result, Dreams decided to explore alternative messaging channels to enhance user engagement and drive better outcomes for their business.

And they found Storyly…

Solution 1: Maximizing User Engagement and the Seamless Integration of Storyly with Braze

Dreams tackled their challenges comprehensively by integrating campaigns via Storyly to keep customers informed about product updates and features. They also utilized Storyly as an engagement tool, introducing diverse narratives to captivate users and sustain interest. Seamlessly integrating Storyly with Braze further maximized user engagement by personalizing journeys and ensuring smooth transitions between platforms. This synergy empowered Dreams to deliver personalized, captivating content to users at the right time and through the right channels, fostering stronger customer relationships and fueling business growth.

Solution 2: Utilizing Wrapped Stories for Personalized Engagement

Dreams recognized the significance of Storyly as a pivotal platform for enhancing customer engagement and retention. Through Storyly's interactive format, Dreams effectively personalized user experiences, celebrated individual accomplishments, and shared success Stories, incorporating wrapped content summarizing user activities within the Story format. This strategy facilitated a stronger bond with users and reaffirmed the app's value proposition.

Solution 3: Elevating User Experience with Interactive Content

Dreams emphasized the significance of Storyly in enriching the entire messaging journey. By leveraging dynamic and captivating content formats, Dreams enhanced the user experience, providing an engaging and interactive platform that set them apart from competitors. With Storyly's assistance, Dreams succeeded in making users highly engaged and eager to delve deeper into their content.


As a result of their strategic initiatives, Dreams witnessed significant improvements in user engagement and retention metrics. With 65k clicks to CTAs, 17k responses to interactive stickers, and an impressive 34% engagement rate, Dreams demonstrated the effectiveness of their personalized approach through Storyly. By leveraging Storyly's dynamic content formats and seamless integration with Braze, Dreams successfully enhanced the overall messaging journey and provided users with an engaging and interactive platform. These metrics not only reflect a higher level of user interaction but also signify a strengthened bond between Dreams and its user base, ultimately contributing to the platform's continued growth and success.


Dilayda Soylu

Product Marketing Manager at Storyly, covering launches, managing products and always excited about new tech solutions. Knows/ writes about customer insights and new features. A hopeless dreamer, loves zen thinking and being in nature at the first opportunity.