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Storyly Transforms User Engagement and Communication for Clube Giro’s Loyalty Program

Duygu Cumbul
July 10, 2023
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Clube Giro wanted to grab user attention and build more complex campaigns.


Storyly helped Clube Giro to grab user attention with full screen story experience which also aided to display complex campaigns and onboard more users.


average engagement rate


response rate


story group completion rate

clube giro is the loyalty program of Grupo JCA, made up of traditional bus companies in Brazil such as Viação Cometa, Auto Viação 1001, Auto Viação Catarinense, among others. It is the first gamified loyalty program in the road sector and it makes the passenger experience much simpler and more fun. Furthermore, it is different from traditional loyalty programs. Customers don't have to worry about memorizing dozens of complicated rules or taking time to accumulate millions of points in the end. In clube giro, the rules are simple, customers just need to complete the challenges to receive the rewards and you can redeem and use your prizes quickly. 

Challenge 1: Communicating with users 

Social media was the main communication channel of clube giro. But there was an opportunity to improve the communication in the app, especially with new customers. They needed an effective way to communicate their new campaigns and sales.

Challenge 2: Complexity of loyalty programs

clube giro team realized that there wasn’t a loyalty program for the road sector yet. Consequently, they came up with clube giro. However, they wanted to make their loyalty program simple and without bureaucracy, and that had to be reflected in the app as well

Challenge 3: Development and Design Effort

Creating more content was a challenge for clube giro. As they are a start-up and want to attract more users to their app, they need to come up with different types of content. They were looking for ways to produce more content with less material.  

… and clube giro found Storyly.

Solution 1:  Grabbing users’ attention with captivating full screen story experience 

With Storyly, clube giro had the opportunity to add stories to their app. Since Stories have an increasing importance on social media to attract users’ attention, clube giro benefited from Stories which allowed them to spread messages quickly and in a dynamic way. This new dynamic way of Stories caught users’ attention. With Storyly, it was also easy for them to create and go live with last minute campaigns. Moreover, Storyly provided the perfect spot for clube giro to promote their content that ended up getting lost in the social media feed. For example, coming back to the app and checking the “20% OFF” group became a habit for users.  “20% OFF” offers the users a coupon to buy and travel only in the current month. Thus, clube giro increased its campaign participation with Storyly.

Solution 2: Building and Explaining more complex campaigns

Storyly gave clube giro the opportunity to add and explain their various subscription plans. Small Bite content in Stories made it easier to explain their subscription plans for them and easier to understand and navigate by their users.  Storyly allowed the time and effective format to deliver the content of their various subscriptions. For example, clube giro have a “Clube giro turbo” campaign which allows their users to pay a subscription and benefit from more points and more sales coupons monthly. By using a different image cover for the Story groups, they could increase the knowledge of the subscription since it's launch.

Solution 3: Onboarding New Users smoothly

As Stories are a very intuitive format that everyone knows, with Storyly integration clube giro can onboard their new users smoothly and help them to discover how the app works easily. They don’t have to come up with a new format to explain their app and campaigns to their new users who already know how Stories work. Storyly integration makes the communication with the users faster and ensures clube giro that the customers are up to date with the app.


Storyly has been effective in user engagement for clube giro. It has increased the engagement rate and now the average engagement rate is 37%. It has also increased the response rate by 52%. This increase in response rate suggests the fostering impact of Storyly on clube giro’s  communication with its users. Moreover, with Storyly, the group complete rate has reached 65%. This high number signifies that Storyly has been effective in capturing users’ attention by keeping the users watch the Stories on the app. All of these impressive metrics highlight the effectiveness of Storyly in clube giro's app. Storyly is confident in further enhancing the engagement rate of the start up and the communication with its users by its segmentation feature and the use of interactive stickers to collect zero party data which has not been explored yet. 


Duygu Cumbul

Product Marketing Intern at Storyly. Eager to learn more about digital advancements and to implement them. Reads/studies about human behaviour in the digital era. A yogi who listens to techno.