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How Bitcoin.com uses Storyly to educate users about the crypto world and achieve better retained users

Kaan Uyanık
April 15, 2022
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Bitcoin needed to bring their content library to their in-app audience without investing in-house resources on Story capabilities.


Storyly Stories are ready to go immediately, letting BitCoin serve their users first with engaging, accessible, educational content.


retention rate

higher engagement metrics

saved over internal development

Bitcoin.com is a leader in cryptocurrencies with a mission to “create more economic freedom in the world.” Since 2015, Bitcoin.com has been dedicated to helping anyone, anywhere learn more about cryptocurrencies so that they can buy, sell, invest, and spend with confidence. With their mobile app, Bitcoin.com helps more than 29 million users manage their funds securely through the wallet feature.

As a fintech app, Bitcoin.com knows that brand trust is key to retention and user loyalty. Bitcoin.com provides top-notch security and ease of mind for their users, but as a trusted voice in the future of finance, their audience also relies on them for the most up-to-date news and guidance on the future of finance.

In order to build and maintain this brand loyalty, Bitcoin.com had been considering developing in-app story technology in-house, but with their team’s talent devoted to other projects, they needed a solution that would bring story capability to the app without draining creative resources.

Luckily, they found Storyly.


Challenge #1 Educating Users Without Cluttering App Interface

Bitcoin.com has so much more to offer their audience than just mobile management of their cryptocurrency. As an industry leader, they publish valuable content that meets the demand for education and information regarding crypto investments, uses, and futures. Delivering this content to users who were using the app without cluttering the interface with banners and carousels proved a challenge. Bitcoin.com needed a way to share content quickly and easily with a mobile-native, non-intrusive delivery system.

Challenge #2: Increasing Engagement in a Single Use App

Increasing user engagement was a high priority for Bitcoin.com. Although the app provided an essential function for anyone interested or invested in cryptocurrencies, in many ways, Bitcoin.com had a single use app. Thought leadership is a big part of the success of Bitcoin.com, but without a way to showcase their articles and content in the app, Bitcoin.com marketers felt that they couldn’t create opportunities for in-app engagement.

At the same time, the marketing team was worried that users were missing out on the ability to make informed and time sensitive decisions about their cryptocurrencies. Based on audience responses to educational content on the website, Bitcoin.com was confident that their app audience would likewise respond well to their content offerings, but it was difficult to help their audience find the articles in the app.

Challenge #3: Avoiding the time and expense of self-developed story capability

Bitcoin.com knew that stories were the right answer to the challenges faced by their app, but developing the capability in-house would have been time-consuming and resource heavy. Rather than use developer time and talent. Or make their marketing team wait publish stories, Bitcoin.com turned to Storyly for a solution.


Solution #1: Stories provide Elegant And Accessible Content Delivery

As soon as Bitcoin.com started publishing in-app stories featuring their content, they realized that their audience was extremely excited about reading up on cryptocurrencies, and that even the most basic tutorials and introductory articles were getting great engagement metrics. Many of Bitcoin.com’s newer users weren’t just new to the app, they were new to cryptocurrency, but with Storyly Stories, Bitcoin.com’s team was able to offer content directly to users in the app, helping them make informed decisions about their investments.

With Storyly, not only can Bitcoin.com communicate with their audience through highlighting their most recent and popular content, they can also see which topics and articles are most interesting to their in-app audience. By viewing the first-party metrics in Storyly’s analytics dashboard, Bitcoin.com’s marketing team could make informed decisions about their content plans and meet the needs of their users.

Solution #2: Sharing Stories Increases In-App Engagement

Bitcoin.com’s suspicion that their content library was underutilized for their in-app audience was exactly correct. Once in-app stories featuring their content were enabled, the engagement metrics skyrocketed immediately.

In-app stories help onboard new users, and create a bridge from content consumers to cryptocurrency investors. By integrating Storyly Stories, Bitcoin.com is able to empower users with the latest information and give them the confidence to buy and trade within the app using the wallet feature, increasing engagement in all portions of the app.

With increased engagement, longer session times, and higher utilization of the wallet feature, the Bitcoin.com team is thrilled with the effect that in-app stories have had on their ability to meet and exceed audience expectations and needs.

Solution #3: Storyly Integrates Quickly and Seamlessly

When Bitcoin.com’s team was considering developing story capabilities for their app, their initial estimates assumed six months of time and focus from developers and designers. Other projects and goals would have had to be paused to refocus the effort, and without being able to test whether or not stories would have the desired effect, the team was understandably hesitant to take the leap.

Fortunately, Storyly Stories provided a simple solution. With a lightweight SDK that integrates in as little as 15 minutes, an intuitive design studio, and immediate feedback available via the dashboard, Bitcoin.com was able to start publishing stories and seeing results from the first week of implementation.

With the automation feature, Bitcoin.com is even able to standardize much of their content sharing, ensuring that their audience will see fresh content regularly in a familiar place and format. By connecting their RSS feed to Storyly, choosing a template, and setting a schedule Bitcoin.com can rely on automated stories to keep their audience engaged while lightening the load of their content and news team, freeing them to focus on making more great content.


Overall, Bitcoin.com is thrilled to be partnered with Storyly, noting that “The retention rate doubled for those users who interact with stories” They were also impressed with how much their engagement metrics improved and how quickly. Especially as compared to the expense and risk of developing in-app story capability in-house, Storyly was able to provide an immediate solution that solved Bitcoin.com’s challenges faster than they initially thought possible.


Kaan Uyanık

Product Marketer who embraces empathic understanding, creativity and data. User-centered and product-driven approach to drive business impact and scale. Trained cultural sociologist who used to study communities.