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How Cheerz Uses Storyly to Build the Most Native Stories to Increase Content Consumption

Kaan Uyanık
June 29, 2021
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Cheerz needed a way to share inspiring content with their in-app audience without disrupting the user experience.


Stories provide an elegant solution to in-app communications delivering content that inspires Cheerz users.

increased engagement

more content consumption

higher retention

Cheerz is one of the most popular photo printing apps available, allowing users to turn their memories into personal photo books, prints, canvas, magnets, and more. In addition to the wide variety of products available on Cheerz, users can design their own products to print. The Cheerz app has active users in Spain, Italy, and France.

Since Cheerz is a creative tool, it likes to provide users with inspiring content that sparks their imagination, helping them to design (and purchase!) the perfect photo gift for any occasion. 

Challenge – Increasing Content Consumption

While “purchase” is the core activity of the Cheerz app, the Cheerz marketers are well aware that improving app engagement grows revenue. That’s why they were looking for a way to publish more content in the app which can help them engage their users and ultimately convert them.

Cheerz has a strong community all over Europe, composed of people who enjoy designing creative and sentimental presents. They wanted to deliver engaging content to their community as well as DIY guides and details about products. However, they were struggling with finding a place for this content in the app without compromising their user experience. There was a pressing need to come up with a creative solution that would help build and empower their user community.s. Cheerz marketers wanted to add an extra layer to publish more content and increase session time in a mobile-friendly format.

How Did Storyly Change the Picture for Cheerz?

Cheerz started using Storyly to create an inspirational space in their app to let users discover products and new ways of designing gifts. The story format was perfect. Storyly provided the Cheerz app with a versatile tool for interacting with users through appealing content with different aims from community-building to welcoming new arrivals.

Solution #1 – Customizing Stories for the Most Cohesive Experience

At Storyly, we aim to provide stories that are fully customizable in design so that the story experience will feel like a natural part of the mobile app. This capability makes it possible to embed stories to any app, including Cheerz, with an appearance that fits the UI perfectly. Still, it is exhilarating to see that Cheerz took the customizable story feature one step further by placing multiple stories in different sections of the app and in various forms, including a single button-like story without a title.

Cheerz published its first stories before the Christmas season, a busy time for gift-giving activities. The Cheerz marketers created two different story widgets for the Christmas corner in the app. They used the customization capabilities of Storyly to arrange the size, border color, and position of stories to offer a flawless experience. The button-like Christmas story on top of the screen achieved a 64% completion rate, while stories in the middle let users see how their albums are made in the Cheerz factory.

Solution #2 – Localizing Stories with Targeting

Having active users in more than one country—like Cheerz has in France, Italy, and Spain—requires providing content in local languages for different locations. With Storyly’s rule-based targeting feature, Cheerz marketers could deliver certain stories to specific user segments, ensuring that users saw content in a language matched to their location.

As Storyly does not collect any user data, the Cheerz marketers used their own user segment data by passing them to the Storyly SDK. Now, when a user opens the app, Cheerz sends the user segment to the Storyly SDK to match and filter the stories based on the labels given on the Storyly dashboard. In this way, Storyly enabled Cheerz to localize content for different geographies through a simple setup.

Solution #3 – Building the Hype with a Countdown

Since keeping users engaged is vital for long-term retention, special occasions are important opportunities for mobile apps. Users seek out the latest deals, especially during the holiday seasons, and mobile apps work to capitalize on this consumer behavior. To get ready, Cheerz added a button-like single story for the Christmas season to its app. Located at the top of the screen, the clock story heralds the holiday season, while the interactive countdown urges users to think about the best gifts for their loved ones. Cheerz started to tell its Christmas story with a countdown before introducing its products and gift guides, creating FOMO to encourage users to purchase their gifts. The Cheerz marketers directed users to their inspirational stories to let users discover the latest products for Christmas.


Kaan Uyanık

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