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Storyly Helps Grace Health Create Mobile-Centric Healthcare for Women Across Africa

Dilayda Soylu
August 4, 2022
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Continuous value is key to retaining users who might otherwise delete & reinstall the app due to limited internet access in rural Africa.


Users love learning about their health through Stories. Engagement rises when push notifications announce new Story content.


engagement rate of blog posts

higher engagement and retention


response rate to interactive Stories

In many parts of the world, it can be easier for a woman to have access to a mobile phone than to reliable, high-quality reproductive healthcare. Grace Health is an app on a mission to change that disparity by giving women secure access to affordable health services tools through the privacy of their phones. Founded in 2018 by Thérèse Mannheimer and Estelle Westling, Grace Health is now the #1 trusted women’s health app across Africa. 


Providing Accessible, Engaging, Educational Content

Providing high-quality content to help users understand their sexual and reproductive healthcare needs is Grace Health’s top priority. Since the Grace Health app is often the only access their users have to this vital information, ensuring that it is easily accessible, highly engaging, and simple to use, is key to providing customers with real value. 

Earning a Permanent Place on Users’ Phones

Nearly all of Grace Health’s users have limited access to technological resources. Internet is expensive, their phone storage is limited. Grace Health found that many users would delete and redownload the app as needed to save space on their phones, so providing continuous value became a key retention strategy. 

Understanding Audience Needs

Creating a customer-centric experience is at the center of Grace Health’s engagement and retention strategy as well as their value proposition, and none of that is possible without a  clear understanding of their audience’s needs. In order to listen to their audience, Grace Health needed engagement tools that would open up a meaningful dialogue with their users, and gather valuable audience insights directly within the app. 

Fortunately, they found Storyly.


Stories are Easy to Create and Easy to Consume

Stories shows how easy to use of Storyly by Canva

As an early-stage start-up, Grace Health is powered by multitalented people who need tools that are as flexible as their responsibilities. The app team at Grace Health loves how easy it is to create captivating content with Storyly Studio, and its ability to connect to other tools like Canva. Even better, the Story format is already familiar to the majority of their audience due to their experience with Facebook and other social media apps, so Grace Health’s creative team knows that their users can navigate content in a way that is both intuitive and exciting 

Driving Engagement with Push Notifications for Story Content

It tells symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge

Grace Health’s users love the accessible, interactive nature of Stories, and engagement raises dramatically when push notifications are sent out about new Story content available in the app. Since the labeling feature allows for audience segmentation, users know that when they are alerted about fresh content, the Stories they view will be relevant to their needs. Storyly provides the Grace Health app team with the tools they need to offer relevant, engaging content to their users according to healthcare needs.

Opening an Audience Dialogue with Stories 

s: how bad is your period pain?

The interactive capabilities of Storyly stickers make it quick and easy for users to give feedback, providing Grace Health’s creators with actionable first-party audience insights. Enabling an authentic user dialogue is also key to brand trust for Grace Health’s audience because it offers them a safe space to ask questions, share concerns, and learn more about their sexual and reproductive health. The app team often uses polls, quizzes, sliders, and question stickers to ask users about their needs and uses the insights to create a high-value content strategy that keeps users coming back for more. 


image tells the result of Grace Health such as 20% engagement rate, 16% click through rate

The Grace Health app team was able to see immediate results from their Storyly integration. Stories have proved a valuable tool for addressing Grace Health’s unique challenges and helping them provide better service for their audience. (Plus, they were able to see all these benefits much faster and at less expense than developing Story capabilities in-house!) 

  • Engagement metrics rose by 6% immediately with the first published Stories, a boost which Grace Health attributes exclusively to Storyly, noting that this increase happened even before the team had fully utilized Storyly’s potential. 
  • When combining Story content with push notifications, Grace Health was able to command a 15-20% engagement rate, while the same content in blog form received 10%, even when push notifications were utilized. 
  • In the first month of use, Story content has averaged a 16% CTR. 
  • Interactive stickers have been especially successful, with response rates of 48% for polls and 43% for multiple choice questions. 

What’s next?

Grace Health is excited to continue exploring the full potential of Storyly. Encouraged by the initial successes towards their engagement and retention goals, Grace Health wants to focus on further segmenting its audience to offer its users more relevant content, and is particularly eager to utilize the questions sticker more often for deep audience feedback by allowing users to better express their needs and motivations.

But most of all, Grace Health is thrilled that Storyly has helped them fulfill its mission of educating women about their sexual and reproductive health and empowering them with access to reliable healthcare. In recent reviews since the Storyly integration, there is an increase in positive feedback that helped women learn about their bodies and take control of their health. 

Looking to offer your users a top-tier experience like Grace Health? Book a call today!


Dilayda Soylu

Product Marketing Manager at Storyly, covering launches, managing products and always excited about new tech solutions. Knows/ writes about customer insights and new features. A hopeless dreamer, loves zen thinking and being in nature at the first opportunity.