How To Track App Uninstall Effectively

How To Track App Uninstall Effectively

It is essential to analyze the number of installs, uninstalls, and active users to run marketing campaigns effectively in the mobile app world. To monitor app uninstallations on iOS and Android devices, you must install the appropriate SDKs. We must integrate push notification to be able to track app uninstalls. In this way, we can provide a full follow-up of uninstalling processes.

What Do Statistics Say About App Uninstall?

When it comes to app stores, 80% of users uninstall the app from their mobile devices three days after the app is installed. In other words, 2 out of 10 people will not uninstall your mobile app within three days after downloading it. After three months, 5% of the remaining 20% uninstall the app from their mobile devices.

App Uninstall and Push Notifications

Detection of app uninstalls can be made by sending silent push notifications. Notifications that are not created on the devices of the app users are called silent push notifications. You can keep track of app uninstalls by sending silent push notifications to all devices where your app is installed.

Why is App Uninstall Tracking important?

App Uninstall Tracking is important because it helps businesses understand why users are deleting their app and which features may need improvement. By tracking uninstall data, businesses can analyze user behavior and identify patterns that can provide insights into how to improve their app.

Uninstall tracking data can also help businesses to identify and address issues that may be causing users to abandon their app. For example, if users are uninstalling the app because of bugs or crashes, the business can work to fix those issues.

3 of the Best Android & iOS App Uninstalls Tracking Tools

Google Play Developer Console allows you to measure app uninstalls of your mobile app. To use this tool, you must first sign in to the Google Play Developer Console. Next, choose your app. You can monitor the number of app installations and apps for the control panel’s desired date and period. Moreover, you can use this app uninstall tracking tool for free.

Another vital tool for in-app uninstall tracking is MoEngage. It is effortless to use, and this tool offers you some solution suggestions to regain your users. There are many criteria for your users who uninstall your app. You can even choose a specific range for these criteria. If you follow app uninstall metrics, you can determine why your users have uninstalled your app. You can then fix the problem with your app and notify your users of your update with an e-mail. Moreover, these analyzes are free for less than 10,000 active users per month, in addition to a 30-day free trial period.

  • Localytics
    Localytics is a new app uninstalls tracking tool that has just entered the markets and top tools lists. Localytics, like other, uninstall tracking tools, offers the ability to track potential product or technical issues with installation and real-time error detection. With the Localytics tool, you can monitor mobile app sessions and durations and many more analytical metrics. They currently offer demos to their customers, but it will be one of the best tools in this field in the coming days.

Final pieces of Advice on the App Uninstall Tracking Tools

For more detailed information about app uninstallation tracking, you can review the blog posts titled “ 7 of the Best Android & iOS App Uninstalls Tracking Tools ” and “ 8 Tools for iOS and Android Track App Uninstalls ” published by AppSamurai.


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