Leveraging Personalization with Storyly: Insights from Wrapped Stories Examples

Leveraging Personalization with Storyly: Insights from Wrapped Stories Examples

Personalization forms the basis of successful marketing strategies in today’s world where digital is king. With the growth of eCommerce, it has become more apparent than ever that crafting individualized experiences for users is crucial. According to a McKinsey & Company research, 71% of today's consumers want brands to provide personalized experiences. Interestingly, even more (76%) find it frustrating when it does not occur.

One of the best personalization practices is Spotify’s Wrapped feature that provides listeners with a sort of summary to review their audio activities during the end-of-the-year revolving around music. Such a type of personalization goes beyond strengthening the customers’ connection to the brand but may even trigger viral moments. Achieving this level of personalized summaries using Storyly, could be done easily and in a way to engage the users in a unique manner.

In the midst of that, Storyly offers powerful user engagement solutions that have changed how businesses engage with their users through personalized Stories. In this blog we’ll analyze five specific use cases from various industries, showcasing the real-life benefits and trailblazing potential of using Stories to create year-in-review experiences on your app and/or website.

Rossmann Poland - Mastering User Engagement

The approach by Rossmann Poland to personalized wrapped Stories through Storyly is simply remarkable. They created a year-in-review experience for their customers and packed it as a 2023 summary at the end of the year. By incorporating detailed user data into their Stories, they managed to create a highly personalized and engaging user experience. This included data like minutes spent in the app, savings made, points collected, most purchased brands, favorite categories, and preferred shopping days.

Rossman Poland

Let’s take a closer look. Every time users logged in, they were not presented with either generic promotions or product recommendations, but their purchasing behavior was reflected back at them. The level of detail was not only helpful in creating deeper user connection to the brand but also provided users with glimpses into how they purchase.

Imagine opening an app and finding out how much you’ve saved over the year or discovering your most purchased brand. This is not just data but it also mirrors the users’ way of life and preferences. This deep personalization has a profound effect on user engagement. It changes the app from just a shopping tool into your personal shopping assistant.

GetYourGuide - Crafting Memories for Every Traveler

Have you heard about GetYourGuide's 'Memory Lane 2023'? It's a brilliant showcase of personalization, focusing on recapping the year's adventures through Storyly Stories. Their end-of-year recap in the app celebrated their users’ adventures with Storyly Stories, however additionally sparked desires of future travels. And guess what? Their Story impressions skyrocketed in only 4 days.


What separated GetYourGuide apart was their approach to crafting these engaging experiences. Memory Lane 2023 served as a personalized recap for all their users, focusing on the trips and experiences they've had throughout the year, and celebrated each user's unique journey with GetYourGuide. 

This campaign was a slight reminder that personalization is not just about data-driven experiences and algorithms; it is also about creating moments. So, if you're thinking about your three hundred and sixty five day campaigns, start planning early and consider creating user interactions that communicate to every person. 

Heetch - Celebrating Driver Achievements

As a popular French VTC start-up that launched in April 2013, Heetch now operates in various regions. It uses a dedicated app for drivers with the primary goal of enhancing driver engagement and fostering a sense of community. Their innovative use of Storyly Stories to celebrate driver achievements showcases this commitment beautifully. These Stories consisted of annual kilometers driven, passengers transported, and reviews obtained in a year.


But it is not just an added fuel to the celebration of driver achievements in ride-hailing services. Because personalized recognition does not merely acknowledge efforts but also enhances motivation and engagement. Imagine a driver getting rewarded for being one of the best chauffeurs. This form of recognition can greatly increase job satisfaction in such a way that every mile on the road feels appreciated.

Therefore, by sharing these milestones, Heetch not only celebrated individual achievements but also built a community of drivers who feel valued and recognized. This method helps build a sense of community among employees in the organization and it builds a warm and open working environment, in turn, better service to customers. It poses an interesting question: How frequently do we acknowledge and celebrate individual contributions in our workplace communities? Maybe personalized Stories are the new and fun way of appreciating!

Zé Delivery - Personalizing Beyond Purchases

Zé Delivery, a Brazilian technology company, has become one of the largest drinks delivery companies over the years in the world. With a record of delivering 44 million orders in 2021 and a presence in all states in Brazil, Zé Delivery is on an impressive expansion trajectory. And their approach to personalization showcases a deeper understanding of customer engagement.

Zé Delivery’s method illustrates a deeper degree of personalization, in which customers are reminded of their journey with the brand. This included favorite manufacturers, purchasing days, or even a unique “personality” based on their behavior. Let’s say you had so many discount codes and coupons for the past year, then you’re a “Zé Cuponzin”, a coupon lover!

Zé Delivery

This strategy displays understanding that personalization extends beyond mere purchase history. It’s about recognizing and celebrating the person’s particular adventure with the brand. By assigning a personality to customers based totally on their behavior, Zé Delivery introduced a detail of fun and engagement, making the user experience greater, exciting and remarkable.

Dreams - A Mythological Approach to Finance

Dreams’ original and engaging use of wrapped Stories inside the finance sector is a testimony to the power of personalization. By connecting savings profiles to symbols of Greek mythology, they delivered an interesting layer to their year in review concept. 

This technique did more than simply present financial records; it converted it into a story that became both educational and particular. By categorizing financial savings profiles as “The Climate Hero”, “The Strategist”, “The Daredevil”, and “The Thinker”, Dreams made finance relatable and accessible to anyone.


This method moreover highlights the significance of creativity in personalization. It indicates that personalization isn’t limited to the use of personal information. It’s also how you provide that information in a way that resonates with the user.

The Transformative Power of Personalization

The examples of Rossmann Poland, GetYourGuide, Heetch, Zé Delivery, and Dreams demonstrate the power of Storyly’s personalized Stories on user engagement. From celebrating achievements to mythological storytelling and creative presentation, each of the examples highlight a different aspect of personalization.

Even though they are all from different industries, their Stories are about building relationships, comprehending user requirements and delivering value beyond a product or service. They represent the power of personalization to not just sell a product but to enrich the user experience. 

After all, with each user being distinct from the rest, personalization can help not only in reaching your audience but also truly connecting to them. So, why not connect with us and see the changes Storyly can make to your user engagement strategies?


Deniz Koç

Deniz is a Content Marketing Specialist at Storyly. She holds a B.A in Philosophy from Bilkent University and she is working on her M.A degree. As a Philosophy graduate, Deniz loves reading, writing, and continously exploring new ideas and trends. She talks and writes about user behavior and user engagement. Besides her passion in those areas, she also loves outdoor activities and traveling with her dog.

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